Teacher Fired for Accidentally Using Wrong Pronoun Referencing a Transgender


A Virginia high school teacher was fired Thursday for allegedly using the ‘wrong’ pronouns when referring to a transgender student. He said he did it accidentally. Perhaps the school and family were waiting for the one slip-up? You be the judge.

The West Point School Board voted unanimously 5-0 to fire Peter Vlaming who teaches French at the school, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Mr. Vlaming had taught French at the school for nearly seven years. The student was a female who surgically became a male over the summer. Vlaming used the transgender’s new male name but said his religion wouldn’t allow him to use the pronouns so he avoided them.

The transgender boy said he felt discriminated against and the parents said: “they felt disrespected”.

The school fired Mr. Vlaming, saying he violated the school’s nondiscrimination policy.

“I’m totally happy to use the new name,” Vlaming told local NBC affiliate WWBT. “I’m happy to avoid female pronouns not to offend because I’m not here to provoke … but I can’t refer to a female as a male, and a male as a female in good conscience and faith.”

This issue came to a head during a virtual reality exercise back in October, where Vlaming said he called out “don’t let her walk into the wall” as the transgender student walked in that direction.

Vlaming claimed it was a slip of the tongue.

He was fired for that.

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