Teacher Found Not Guilty After Feeding a Puppy to a Snapping Turtle


An Idaho middle school teacher who fed a puppy to a snapping turtle was found not guilty of animal cruelty on Friday, KTLA sister station KSTU reported.

The puppy was reported to be sick and dying, and the science teacher decided to feed him to the turtle in front of four junior high school children. One boy said the puppy was cute, maybe a lab.

The teacher, a. Mr. Crosland admitted to it but argued, “we don’t believe a crime was committed.”

Crosland was charged in Franklin County, Idaho, with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Prosecutor David Morris said the incident occurred in Crosland’s classroom at Preston Junior High School, but after regular school hours with four students present.

We don’t have a photo of the puppy because the puppy is dead. The featured image is not the puppy, just a photo of a lab puppy.

The snapping turtle is a little scary. This isn’t the actual turtle but it is a snapping turtle.


  1. Wow… I’m impressed with the comments! Didn’t see this much passion when PPH was found to be selling human baby parts!

  2. Sooty snowflake city rats know nothing of teaching country kids. Our literature teacher notoriously uses the Bible as text. Our science teacher raises fried chicken from egg to wringing its neck to anatomy to home economics.

  3. The teacher should be fed to a bunch of alligators……………….because, you know, he’s sick………….and dying…as we all are.

  4. The mistake is that the teacher is guilty of animal cruelty. The decision should be appealed. The teacher is not a veterinarian and not qualified to make a euthanasia decision. Besides, if the pup was dying, it should have been put down humanely. At the very least, this teacher should not be permitted around any animals.

  5. Even Halal (Islamic method), cruel and not fast but still not as bad as this. I would say this already sick poor puppy was forced into the jaws of a (to the puppy) a giant reptile, mauled and torn apart to death . This little puppy should have been put to sleep, what the hell is wrong with our so called ‘educators’?

    Educators or enemies?

    Did this ‘teacher’ later go on and demonstrate masturbation, praise Karl Marx and trash our president and founding fathers?

    Our Federal Dept. of Education and the Federation of Teachers should be abolished and control given >back< to the states, the savings to tax payers would be tremendous.

  6. This is where Liberalism gets you.
    Those on the left hate dogs, puppies,
    Hey, they think abortion is OK,
    So feeding a live puppy to a turtle is just fine with them

    ‘Slippery slope’ theory again proven valid!

  7. So the teacher should have killed the puppy and then fed it to the turtle, right? Most dog breeders kill the unwanted puppies so they don’t have to feed and care for them. Old horses are put down with bullets, same with other livestock. Same thing on farms and in real life. Death is part of life, so get over yourselves. I have 3 rescue dogs. How many human babies were aborted as we have all typed our responses? They were obviously alive when it occurred.

      • No, it wasn’t nature’s way……………..Not with human intervention. Here’s the thing that bothers me…………that it’s a puppy! Not some wild creature found in the woods. It’s something that is near and dear to almost all of us……dogs! Just a complete lack of decorum, morals, thought, compassion. It’s a f***ing puppy, you bastard!

  8. How does a person get away with something like this, especially with so many witnesses present? Jesus, this is horrible. Was the puppy awake when this happened? This seems like an evil person and probably get away with something like this again.

  9. In the eyes of a majority of his peers, students, and community members, this man is guilty. That animal should have been put down humanely if truly sock and dying. And he knows it. He will never out-live his action.

    • “The puppy was allegedly sick and dying” – Lawyer talk…. ZERO proof. Even if true, we don’t feed Grandma to an alligator in Florida when she is “sick and dying”… do we?

        • Both dogs and human are living, feeling, and thinking BEINGS…but the human in this case apparently has no soul….why not uthanize
          puppy if it was terminally sick (which I don’t believe)

          Teachers pet was obviously the turtle!

        • Human beings are just animals. No better or worse than any other species in the big scheme of things. It is also the only species capable of severely damaging the planet to the detriment of all life. To think humans are superior to others is a reflection of either supreme arrogance or to having been brainwashed by superstition.

    • Just because you’re not there when they slaughter that cow, doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying that juicy steak. Get some perspective, please!

      • Like the guy below me argues….apples and oranges, or in this case, puppies and cows. That teacher is sick in the head to do that. If that puppy was sick and dying it should’ve passed naturally or taken to a vet. The teacher should be given electrical shock treatment. What a bastard.

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