Teacher Has 6th Graders in Georgia Draw Hitler’s Mascot


A middle school teacher in Georgia had his 6th grade students draw Hitler’s mascot for homework. Why?

The administration said they were addressing it with the teacher.

The assignment was given to the students at Shiloh Middle School on Monday, according to Gwinnett County school district spokeswoman, Sloan Roach.

Roach said the assignment was brought to the attention of school administrators after a parent contacted district officials to raise concerns about the exercise.

According to officials, the class was studying, in part, the rise of Nazism and its use of propaganda and events that led to the Holocaust.

“This assignment is not a part of the approved materials provided by our social studies department and is not appropriate,” Roach told the newspaper.

Objections to the assignment were raised by parent Jamie Brown, who thought it was inappropriate and questioned its purpose.

“When you talk about mascots, mascots are used to be happy, to promote something, a positive representation like UGA [sic] so really we doing a Nazi party mascot? What are we celebrating?” Brown told Fox 5.

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6 years ago

I had forgotten to mention a similar situation with my daughter in school in the late 80’s. She was required to write an essay on how “conflict resolution” could have been used to dissuade Hitler. Needless to say I was furious.

The schools have become a hotbed of childhood destruction in many ways. Some schools have been indoctrinating children in adult sexual matters, distorting and destroying childhood innocence.

I was watching a Cernovich video about Weinstein and Hollywood pedophilia. The upcoming video was about Tom Hanks and Will Smith and pedophilia. I haven’t watched ANY TV entertainment for quite a long time so I am unaware what is aired. I had some idea that both were liberal and recently outspoken so I decided to check it out. I assumed it was a lot of worthless conjecture.

The first segment was about Hanks and the Kimmel show putting on a “Ultimate sexy baby” contest as some type of comedy sketch. They had some six year old girl play Hank’s daughter. The video only showed captions of the dialog, with still images, and the narrator says laughter was heard during the episode. Hanks would teach the little girl how to “be sexy”, apparently as he did in his earlier TV show. At one point he tells her “sexy feet”, “sexy feet”, “sexy feet”. Towards the end the girl is dressed in a sexy outfit, with a wig, and large amounts of makeup dancing on the stage to some song, with the caption “talk dirty to me”. In the end we find Hanks, Kimmel, AND Ron Howard all part of this show and Ron is the winner. I found this so Disgusting and despicable and sick to my stomach. This is Hollywood NOW and no wonder the schools are sexualizing children. Hanks and Howard are considered part of “normal and wholesome” America but obviously they aren’t as wholesome as portrayed in the media. The three of them and the audience seems to think this was some kind of fun. We see how “fun” it is with Will Smith.

For some reason Will Smith has a real predilection for strong assertive kissing on the mouth of his son. On several occasions his son tried to pull away to no avail. And now his son apparently like to dress in women’s clothing. He claims it’s a sign of love and affection but when some adult tried to “kiss” Smith he fought him off and said the man was lucky not to have been sucker punched.

All I can say is I’m ecstatic that My daughter, around 36, homeschools her children and does NOT live in this country. I am shocked at How depraved this country has become. Even worse are those who are depraved are not vilified.

6 years ago

Well, I’ll make the claim that a teacher would not assign such tasks if they didn’t think they would get support, from somebody.

There have been such outrageous cases for decades and has been continuing all over. Then we have School boards and Superintendents that seem to keep their jobs when promoting such despicable incidents. My question has always been, how do they keep their jobs. For this reason I vote OUT Every local official.