Teacher Tells Rape Victims: Students Should Have ‘Kept Their Stupid Mouths Shut and Enjoyed It’


Two female teachers, Melody Lippert 38 and Michelle Ghirelli 30, took their students on a non-sponsored school camping trip last November, plied them with alcohol, and then had sex with them. They were arrested and are out on bail.

Along came knight-in-shining-armor teacher Sean Kane to their defense. He works with the two at South Hills High in West Covina. He said that one of them was doing it for years, so what.

He doesn’t appear to like child squealers.

He posted on his Facebook profile that: Students should have kept their ‘stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it.’

Alleged post:

alleged post

He has been suspended pending an investigation.

A number of years ago, Senator Al Franken, while he was allegedly a comedian, said “In the case of rape, lay back and enjoy it. And he became Senator so all is not lost for Sean Patrick Kane but he might have to go into politics.