Teachers March Out KINDERGARTENERS to Protest Guns


The astro-turfing anti-gun youth movement reached a crescendo of hysteria this week when thousands of youth across the nation walked out of school to the urging of left-wing administrators and teachers. They marched against the Second Amendment but not for solutions to protecting the terrorists’ soft targets — school buildings.

While the left denies it’s indoctrination, it clearly is. Children as young as kindergarten were force-marched to the anti-gun drumbeat.


Politics have no business in the schools. That education belongs in the home. Children need to be taught to think for themselves, not regurgitate talking points of a political party.

Forgive my lack of sympathy for the cause. There is little doubt some of these children are sincere but the entire movement is driven by a leftist group called “Empower” which is a sub-group of the hardcore leftist Women’s March. Educators are leading the movement.

NBC Connecticut reported that the schools walked out in honor of the victims of the Parkland shooting, “including a group of New London kindergarteners.

“We love school! We love school,” children in New London are chanting in a video posted on Facebook.

Harbor Elementary’s crossing guard Joyce Powers said she saw the children escorted in two lines by teachers who were carrying signs that read “enough.”

“I thought it was pushing it with that age group,” Powers said. “I don’t think they understood what was actually happening.”

The teachers are accused of not informing parents prior to the march aside from a Facebook post.

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