Teacher’s Multiple Choice Question Includes a Possible Answer, “He Was Shooting at Trump”


A quiz was administered at Jackson Hole High School by English teacher Carin Aufderheide, in which one of the answers was to shoot Trump, according to the Jackson Hole News&Guide. The teacher gave her class the quiz Thursday on George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm.

QUESTION: Napoleon has the gun fired for a new occasion. What is the new occasion?


  • He was shooting at Trump
  • His birthday
  • For completion of the windmill
  • To scare off the attackers of Animal Farm

Jackson Hole News&Guide quoted parent Jim McCollum who was surprised when his son Rylee McCollum, a junior, came home and showed him a screenshot of the online test.

Mr. McCollum posted it onto his Facebook page with some choice words.

“I had to read it two times,” McCollum said. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

McCollum, a self-described conservative who voted for President Donald Trump, said that while he “cringes at some of the things he says,” the question was completely out of line.

“It’s about respect for the office more than anything,” he said. “That’s enough of this. No way.”

His son loves the teacher and was very disappointed that she put that answer on a test.

The school has apologized.

In a statement, the district said, “TCSD #1 administration learned late yesterday that a quiz was administered to a class of high school students that contained an inappropriate answer to a multiple choice question. Administration is investigating this incident and verifying the information we have received.

“TCSD #1 takes seriously threats of any kind, regardless of the intent. We apologize to the students, families and community for this incident and will be addressing the issue with personnel.”

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