Team Trump In Such Disarray They Failed to Tell Media Trump Was Going Out for Steak


The media was very upset with Trump Wednesday because he didn’t tell them he was going for a steak dinner last night. Yes, it’s that crazy.

Barack Obama’s staff are “leaking” dishonest information to make Trump’s team look confused and incompetent, and the fact that the President has not tried to quell the riots in various cities, present clear evidence he is not trying to provide Donald Trump with an easy transition. The media hasn’t changed their corrupt, biased reporting and we can probably expect that to grow worse.

Aside from the fact that the media has been lying about Donald Trump seeking top secret security clearance for his children, they are going along with Barack Obama’s fraudulent “leak” that the Trump campaign is in disarray. In fact, it was the New York Times headliner today – the Trump camp is in disarray. The Times promised to provide fairer and more balanced coverage just days ago.

Barack Obama’s aides leaked the alleged information that the team was asea. This is the president who wanted to ensure a smooth transition for President-elect Donald Trump and his team.

The protests/riots, which we have already covered, are ginned up by hard-left groups including those funded by George Soros. Sympathetic teachers and administrators have let some students, even in high school, go out and scream, march, become violent, skip exams, rather than make them stay in school to learn. Don’t be surprised if they hand out awards for rioting.

It’s so crazy that one school provided ponies for their college students in distress. What happens when they get a look at the real world?

Thousands of Craigslist ads are cropping up in all our major cities for paid protesters, no experience required, some jobs pay $1500 a month, and they are asked to “block traffic.”

President Obama has not said one word to stop these riots, which the media insists on calling protests. Instead, he has suggested they are the result of people being understandably upset.

CNN has a subtly snide little piece quoting the president as he continues to undermine Donald Trump on his multi-continent tour.

Democracy is “complicated”, the Imperial president said.

“Democracy can be especially complicated. Believe me. I know,” Obama said. “But it is better than the alternatives because it allows us to peacefully work through our differences and move closer to our ideals,” the President told the people of Athens.

He congratulated Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for taking in thousands of unvetted refugees but criticized austerity. Obama is committed to spending money no one can afford to spend. Communist Greeks rioted in the streets, blaming the US for their problems which they believe stem solely from the 2007 economic crisis.



  1. Why tell the lame-stream media anything…. they will only twist the facts! Trump is really going to Make America Great Again !! I can’t wait for Jan 20th, 2017 ~

  2. just a cry baby. He didn’t get what he wanted so he throws a tantrum. He is worse than my 3 great grandkids 3, 2, and 1, years old.

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