Tears of a Clown, Dana Milbank Loses His Hard Press Pass


The latest accusation against the President is he’s authoritarian for taking hard press passes away from people [out of security concerns]. He’s Hitler in other words, almost ready to imprison journalists.

The White House has implemented new rules for White House reporters that it says will cut down on the number of journalists that hold “hard” passes, the credentials that allow reporters and technicians to enter the grounds without seeking daily permission. [They can still ask for passes and get on the grounds]

The U.S. Secret Service expressed concerns about the proliferation of hard passes, especially over the last few years. They don’t even know how many are out there, maybe a thousand.

The press secretary Sarah Sanders said that there were enough security concerns to establish new rules.

The rule on hard passes states that journalists will qualify to renew their hard passes only if they have entered the White House grounds at least 50 percent of the time in the 180 days before renewal, effectively once every other day. If they fall short of this, their hard passes will not be renewed.

She said there are some exceptions. For instance, if a reporter was on maternity leave, that would be an exception.

A lot of fake journalists who use the passes occasionally to get dirt on the President will be out of luck. We can tell you about two of them.


The press is treating the new rule as if Trump is the Turkish dictator Erdogan suppressing journalism. The hyperbolic media thinks they are a press pass away from imprisonment.

One person losing his hard pass is Jonathan Capehart, a TV personality and pseudo journalist. He’s Black.

The pseudo reporter has worked as a researcher at newspapers and sat on editorial boards. He’s Black.

Capehart is a partisan who says nasty anti-Trump things on MSNBC and in columns for The Washington Post. Did we mention, he’s Black?

The man is a partisan activist, not a journalist although he can write fairly well. But, hey, he’s also Black. Oh, and he’s gay, married to a husband.

He’s a fake journalist and partisan activist, but he’s a gay Black man.

Another fake journalist who will lose his hard pass is a columnist who has never been and could never pass for a journalist.

Dana Milbank

The thing is the sarcastic columnist in question covered the White House for 21 years and no one every bothered to notice he’s not a reporter so now that President Trump is doing it, he’s Hitler.

Milbank is a columnist who writes snarky hit pieces. He’s an activist and commentator, not a reporter. He’s never been a reporter.

But he hates Trump and he’s funny.

If anything, he has lowered the standards of journalism by pretending to be one. On CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Milbank debated journalism ethics with The Huffington Post’s Nico Pitney, and it devolved into name calling. Pitney described Milbank’s work as “pathetic,” and the Washington Post fake reporter allegedly responded by calling Pitney a “d—k.”

He hates Trump, did we mention that?

Following then-Vice President Dick Cheney’s hunting mishap, in February 2008, Milbank appeared on MSNBC’s “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” in a bright orange hat and vest. Conservatives writers, like Michelle Malkin, weren’t laughing: She called him a “ clown.”

So, he draws laughter, but he’s not reporting. That was a very unfortunate accident and Cheney’s dear friend was hurt. But he hates Trump so can call himself a reporter.

Calling Milbank a reporter or journalist when he’s a known agitator harms the Fourth Estate more than they realize. The left is very angry that his pass will be taken away, but if they had any sense, they would be praising the President. The thing of it is that right now Milbank is trashing Trump every chance he gets so he serves a purpose.

Milbank hates Trump and his supporters. He thinks they are all racists, or at least that’s what he says.

There is nothing he writes that can’t be found on any TV program and he has never uncovered any news.

He wrote a book about Glenn Beck titled, Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America. Now he’s the clown shedding tears.

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