Tech Giants Move to Shut Down ‘Gab’ Website After Synagogue Murders


The repugnant mass killer who slaughtered 11 innocent Jewish seniors at The Tree of Life synagogue, wounding six others, posted on a Facebook alternative website called ‘gab’. I went on the site a couple times and it scared me so I never went back. It was a little too much free speech for me but the idea of free speech is a good one.

‘Gab’ allowed some very extreme people to post but maybe no worse than Louis Farrakhan who called Jews ‘termites’ on Twitter less than two weeks ago. I didn’t spend enough time on the site to know.

Immediately before he went into the synagogue, the killer, Robert Bowers, wrote on gab, “I’m going in”. As a result, Gab is being scrutinized and dropped like a lead balloon. It’s their right as private companies.

Tech companies, including online payment sites Paypal and Stripe are walking away from ‘gab’.

Hosting provider Joyent will also stop Gab from using their services, citing violations of their terms of services, which do not allow hate speech.

Gab had problems last year over Charlottesville with Google Play and Azure. Apple rejects it’s app because of its hosting of hate speech.


Andrew Torba, who co-founded Gab and is its CEO, has said the network was made to “step up and defend free speech, defend individual liberty, defend the free flow of information that I saw under attack.”

Gab released a statement to try to stem the bleeding.

“Gab unequivocally disavows and condemns all acts of terrorism and violence,” Gab said in a statement, adding that it had been working with law enforcement agencies after suspending the suspect’s account.

Gab slammed the moves as “direct collusion between big tech giants” against it. That certainly is possible but it’s more likely that the movement to alter the First Amendment with hate speech amendments is the issue.

It would be good to hear from readers about gab because I don’t know enough about the website.

Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson tweeted a quote from the ‘gab’ founder: “We see live streamed murders on Facebook, we see criminal activity in very high volumes across all of the mainstream social media platforms, and nobody is calling for Facebook to be shut down, nobody is calling for Twitter to be shut down.”

He was interviewed by Infowars.

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