Ted Cruz Booed at Fox News Town Hall


Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum hosted ‘America’s Town Hall 2016’ live from Philadelphia on Sunday night.

Ted Cruz was booed upon being introduced. It was a decidedly anti-Cruz audience. Martha McCallum said “it is a lively audience.” There were also cheers.

It’s unfortunate that he has been branded a liar. He’s not.

Kasich outdid himself by boring the audience into a catatonic state.

“I haven’t gone to the bombast,” he said. “I haven’t said we have the apocalypse around the corner,” he said. “I think we can bring people together and raise this country.”

Definitely no bombast.

He’s done everything, he’s great and two recent polls show he can beat Hillary. However, he can’t win the primary.

Kasich also said he was the candidate that would appeal to Democrats too because he “has a positive approach.”

He might have appeal for Democrats because he is a Democrat.



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