Ted Cruz Chased Out of a Restaurant, Only Dems Can Eat Out


by Ann McCormack

When I was a liberal college radical, I followed the crowd. Fortunately, I saved myself but universities weren’t as corrupted as they are today. The Stalinism, Leninism, Trotskyism, and Marxism that have infested the higher institutions of learning is pouring out into our culture.

We saw an example of it last night as a group of far-left young people disturbed diners to force Senator Ted Cruz and his wife from a restaurant.

Only Democrats can eat out in restaurants.

Maxine Waters, the Democrat Party’s icon, would be proud. She recently doubled-down on her message to torment supporters of the administration wherever you find them. If your opinions differ from hers, you’re evil and they must smite you in the name of their religion — statism.

In this clip, their excuse for their very bad behavior is Brett Kavanaugh who they have tried and would like to hang if they could. They chanted, “I believe survivors”. Why? Where’s the evidence? How do we know Mrs. Ford’s even a survivor?

I am a survivor, molested at age 8 and 10, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to automatically believe me because I say it or because I am a woman. But I am not a Stalinist. Having been there, I know they think they are standing for a just cause and the rule of law be damned.

We are in danger of losing our freedoms. These people want us to throw away our due process rights and coveted principles, like innocent until proven guilty, facing one’s accuser and cross-examining one’s accuser. The principles are key to our freedoms and took hundreds of years to evolve.

They want you to follow them and if you don’t, they are prepared to hurt you with all they have.

The group that chased them out by the way is SmashRacism DC, an Antifa organization that Democrats won’t condemn. In fact, quite the opposite.

Thank the media-driven demonization of people.

The leftists won’t even let you eat out. Democrats alone can eat out.

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