Ted Cruz’s Bold New Explosive Plan for Obamacare Jr


Republicans are sharply divided over the Obamacare repeal and replacement plan which is to take place in three steps. The Republicans pushing the new bill say full repeal is impossible because the parliamentarian said according to Senate rules it would take 60 Senate votes for full repeal.

Cruz’s plan is to evade the procedural limits and broaden Vice President Mike Pence’s legislative powers’. The report comes from Bloomberg News.

The move redefines the vice president’s constitutional role as presiding officer of the Senate to allow him to step in and effectively overrule the chamber’s parliamentarian.

If Republicans in the Ryan faction wanted to do that, they could have used the nuclear option.

“You don’t need to override the parliamentarian or get a new parliamentarian. It is the vice president who rules,” the Texas senator told reporters Thursday.

“The House bill as currently drafted I don’t believe can pass the Senate but I believe we can fix it,” he said.

Cruz wants the entire bill repealed and insists on competition being added back in. For instance, he wants selling across state lines included.

Currently, Speaker Ryan does not have the votes to pass Obamacare Jr. and establishment Republicans are taking out ads calling for dissenters to vote for Obamacare Jr.

The Speaker Ryan faction will never go along with the Cruz option, but that’s a guess.

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6 years ago

Reid’s corruption led to passage. It is time for strong and unprecedented action to reverse that. Any reasonable person can see, and already knew, that Ryan and McConnell are not capable of this. They promise a phase 2 & 3, but these 2 regularly break promises.

6 years ago

The RINO’s always show their true colors when they have the power to make change.