Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity He’s “Bad for America”


Dated establishment journalist Ted Koppel told Sean Hannity during an interview that he – Hannity – was “bad for America”. Actually, we think Ted Koppel is what’s wrong with America.

Koppel’s reasoning is because Hannity has attracted people who think ideology is more important than facts.

The arrogance of the man who gives no credit to people being able to discern what’s fact, what’s ideology, what’s a news show and what’s an opinion show.

Last year, he told O’Reilly the same thing. He’s of the school that we must get all our information from the manipulative mainstream media and only the mainstream media.

An article on CBS News goes further and of course, what would any article ripping into Rush Limbaugh. They get there, claiming Limbaugh’s comments about The Fairness Doctrine were “utterly false”. Actually, it wasn’t “utterly false” which is why we need someone other than the mainstream media.

The short exchange went viral on social media and Mr. Hannity to fire off a series of tweets in his defense. It seems it was a 45-minute interview and they only showed two soundbites to make Hannity look bad.

Mr. Hannity signaled that he would be addressing the issue further on his show Monday night.

Rush Limbaugh discussed it on his radio show today. CBS apparently called Rush three times to try and get him to do the interview this week but he had already been burned by Koppel.

Koppel allowed a lie to go through on a panel he had more than two decades ago.

After a panelist told a deliberate lie and Koppel ignored it, he called up Rush to apologize for not calling the man on it, but asked him to not tell anyone. Rush did tell part of the story on air, and Koppel said he was very disappointed. That hadn’t spoken since.

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