Teen Vogue Gushes Over a Most Evil Man, the Father of Communism


Teen Vogue leads the Resistance against Trump’s traditional American values by extolling those of a friendless man who promoted evil and vindictiveness through endless pamphleteering. He didn’t kill 100 million people but he knew his ideas would lead to mass slaughter.

The article, they say, is to help teens “learn the legacy of Karl Marx’s ideas” and look at their relevance in the current political climate.

The title of a new Teen Vogue article is ‘Who Is Karl Marx: Meet the Anti-Capitalist Scholar’, and it is subtitled, ‘The communist scholar’s ideas are more prevalent than you might realize.” It promotes the hard-left ideology of communism and whitewashes the great unwashed one who chose to not work, but promote murder, Totalitarianism, and evil instead.

From FEE: A Prussian detective, sent to London in order to find out what this intellectual wire-puller of Socialism was like, informed his government that Marx was leading “the true life of a gypsy. To wash, to comb his hair or to change his underwear are rare occurrences with him… if he can, he gets drunk… he might sleep during the day and stay up all night… he doesn’t care whether people come or leave… if you enter his home you have to get used to the smoke of tobacco and the coal in the open fireplace with the result that it takes some time until you can see properly the objects in the rooms.”

Teen Vogue is teaching your children that Karl Marx’s ideas were good and he was good, neither of which is true. Although communism failed everywhere it has been tried, they want the youth to try it again.

The whitewashing leaves out the fact that his ideas led to the deaths of about tens of millions of people and enslaved many more. It links to an intersectional feminist [communist] website that provides the definitions of communism, socialism and anarchism as positives. After all, doesn’t it get rid of the bosses and the violent state?

When Marx wrote his ideas down, original as they may be, he knew, if accepted, mass murder must follow. There is no doubt of that.

The Teen article praises, The Communist Manifesto, which Marx wrote with Friedrich Engels in 1848 to vilify the rich, the elite. This as he enjoyed and promoted the lineage of his elite wife, baronne de Westphalen.

The Vogue article gushes: Marx was brilliant, his book is most-read, he was censored for talking about censorship. Ironcially, they call this anti-Capitalist a scholar in capitalism. The magazine article boasts that he edited a newspaper and went to law school for a time. Yes, Marx was brilliant but brilliant doesn’t equate to good or accurate. They ignore the part about the lazy man who spread evil and hate.

They say his writings have inspired social movements in Soviet Russia, China, Cuba, Argentina, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and more. Many political writers and artists like Angela Davis, Frida Kahlo, Malcolm X, Claudia Jones, Helen Keller, and Walter Rodneyintegrated Marxist theory into their work decades after his death. Those should all be negatives!

Those are not social movements. They are Totalitarian movements.

The article regales a public school teacher who instructs students in the theories of communism, and promotes the divisiveness Marx so loved.

Capitalism, according to them, only resulted in stealing land from indigeneous peoples and trafficking in Africans.

Ironically, Marx was an enemy of minorities. He was a racist and an antiSemite. Even though he was born Jewish, he spewed hate towards the Jews. He despised all religion. He ruined his own family, two of them committed suicide. His wife went to her death a despondent and forlorn woman.

His contempt for women was well-known and he rarely engaged in conversations with his intelligent and sensitive wife.

In his memoirs, Carl Schurz, the German democratic revolutionary, who later became a U.S. Senator, knew Marx and describes this evil man. FEE author Erik Kuehnelt-Leddihn quotes Schurz:

“The stocky, heavily built man with his broad forehead, his pitch black hair and full beard, attracted general attention… What Marx said was indeed substantial, logical and clear. But never did I meet a man of such offensive arrogance in his demeanor. No opinion deviating in principle from his own would be given the slightest consideration. Anybody who contradicted him was treated with barely veiled contempt. Every argument which he happened to dislike was answered either with biting mockery about such pitiful display of ignorance, or with defamatory suspicions as to the motives of the interpellant. I still well remember the sneering tone with which he spat out the word bourgeoisie. And as bourgeois, that is to say as an example of a profound intellectual and moral depravity, he denounced everybody who dared to contradict his views.”

Kuehnelt-Leddihn writes further: Arnold Ruge, a well-known German essayist, with whom Marx collaborated in Paris in a literary venture and who soon fell out with him, wrote to Fröbel (nephew of the famous educator of the same name) that “gnashing his teeth and with a grin Marx would slaughter all those who got in the way of this new Babeuf. He always thinks about this feast which he cannot celebrate.”

Yes, Marx knew his ideas would lead to mass slaughters. Perhaps he didn’t know just how many would die, perhaps he didn’t care.

On May 5 of this year, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the EU Commission, attended ceremonies in Trier, Germany (Marx’s hometown) to celebrate the man whose ideas caused so much worldwide misery to this day.

Nations of Eastern Europe, pay attention to that Marxfest. It is what your friends in the elite bastions of Western Europe take pride in. They even unveiled a grand statue of Marx in the square that was given to them by the Chinese Communists.

These are the grand European values they so love to extol as they trash American values. They are the values Barack Obama and his minions pushed on us for eight years. They claimed they are our American values.

Books teens should read via American Greatnessthis one or this one or this one. Definitely this one.

Ben Shapiro said it succinctly:

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