Teen Vogue Promotes Antifa, Marx, Communism, Makes It Sound Cool


Teen Vogue is corrupting our youth. Last year, they published an article promoting Antifa and they are doing it again this year. Their latest article is titled Anarchy: What It Is and Why Pop Culture Loves It. They are teaching teens to be violent leftists. They make it cool and provide numerous links to all the radical websites so teens can read all about them and get hooked.


The anarchist author writes, “We demonstrate a vision for a society in fundamental opposition to the brutal logic of contemporary capitalism — a society based on mutual aid, cooperation, and radical democracy.”

That quote links to a Teen Vogue article trashing capitalism and promoting Karl Marx.

Another quote links to a bizarre definition of fascism and Nazism which they claim to oppose. “Since fascism is an anti-democratic ideology that thrives on oppression, and anarchism is explicitly against oppression in all forms, and for direct democracy, anarchism is inherently antifascist,” the article states.

The article makes anarcho-communism cool with links to popular music. Take this next passage for example (we leave out all the links and there are many):

“I am an antichrist, I am an anarchist!” Delivered in doomed Sex Pistols vocalist Johnny Rotten iconic snarl, that simple phrase struck fear in the hearts of respectable adults throughout Great Britain and traveled across the Atlantic to thrill America’s nascent punk rockers. “Anarchy in the U.K.,” the Sex Pistols’ lean, mean, irreverent debut single, sent shockwaves through the bloated 1970s rock scene — and introduced millions of angry young kids to the idea of anarchy as an option, or even an ideal…”


Here’s another paragraph of many that make it all seem so cool:

“Anarchist symbols like the black flag and the circle A are easily recognizable when scrawled on desks or spray-painted on walls, but they have also become ubiquitous in music and film, from SLC Punk to V for Vendetta to the punk rock slasher flick Green Room (though the biker-soap Sons of Anarchy has nothing to do with the political ideology itself). Even hip-hop queen Cardi B rocked a big circle A patch in the video for her smash hit “Bodak Yellow”.

In one section, the author writes, “By the early 20th century, anarchism had spread throughout the world, but government repression often made it difficult for anarchists to organize and achieve their goals.”


And in another section, they bring in President Trump, “To conservatives’ dismay, the modern idea of socialism, which has roots in Greek philosopher Plato but emerged as a popular political idea in the early 19th century among German radicals like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, has become increasingly popular among young people in the past several years, following Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders’s underdog run for president and the authoritarian creep of the ultra-capitalist, anti-socialist Trump regime.”

It goes on and on, including listing famed leftist authors like Oscar Wilde and deaf/blind Helen Keller — to give themselves credibility.

It concludes: “Anarchism and anarchists are everywhere, and hopefully now you’ve got a better understanding of what they’re fighting for — and against.”

It’s a disgusting piece of propaganda.

Communism is everywhere, in our schools, music, movies, sports, and our teen literature. People need to be made aware.

Teen Vogue is doing nothing different than what politicians and activists are doing in our political system. It’s not Trump who is authoritarian, it’s the left who have taken over the Democrat Party.

The left has literally declared war on America with their opponents demonized and unaware.

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Lance Steele
4 years ago

In other words, they’re saying it’s cool to be a complete moron.

4 years ago

When I read this I was angry about it. THEN I realized that they’re exposed to FAR MORE POTENT indoctrination at school each day, at the hands of the Commie Lib teachers…

4 years ago

You have NO IDEA what the world becomes when it curses God and the commandments of the Bible and instead embraces the lies of Darwin and ALL these belief systems which ALL come from Darwinism.
Never in all the history of the world has this happened. You have no idea what the end result
will be unless you read the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Christianity is now criminalized in these cursed by God nations of the west and it will only expand globally since everyone loves money and their million dollar possessions too much to give them up, go to war and rid the world of these evil powers.

Nuya buniss
4 years ago

It is time to fight back. Call all establishments who sell that communist rag and ask them to remove it from the shelves. If they don’t, boycott them. They will do more i.d you take action.

4 years ago

Even worse, the information on Anarchy was incorrect. They describe leftist communist, anti-capitalism ideals. There is a video response on YouTube by Larken Rose rebuking the entire article. I suggest people give it a listen.. especially if you are of a libertarian mindset and like true freedom.

Ben Kenobi
4 years ago
Reply to  don

Was going to mention that too. Anarchy means one without master [credit: Larken Rose]. These antifa punks are not, one without master. They all work for George Soros and his ilk.