Teeny Little Protest in AL Where It Is Still America


There was only a teeny little protest in Alabama yesterday since it is still America there. There were ten uncool kids from the Student Civil Justice Coalition who showed up.

Tori Jones, a student at the University of Alabama, arranged the embarrassing display of nasty signs. Jones also released a statement:

I organized this sit-in to protest the arrival of Donald Trump to our university. Trump gave the University of Alabama little notice he was coming, putting all of our student body at risk. Moreover, Donald Trump also brings with him a culture of systemic racism.

While systemic racism exists at the University of Alabama, Trump only exacerbates the problem. The SCJC and I did not feel as though we should stand back and do nothing as this man came to our campus. This sit-in was to demonstrate not only our discontentment with Trump but also our discontentment with the culture at UA that allows him to feel comfortable coming here at all.”

The media is ignoring what really went on. There was a sustained, rousing welcome with a standing ovation. Alabama is still America and the people, with few exceptions, respect the President.

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