‘Temporary’ Asylum Granted to Venezuelans, Potentially Millions of People


Millions of Venezuelans could potentially be granted asylum and temporary amnesty in the United States. House Democrats were joined by 39 Republicans to pass a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program for Venezuelans. The Venezuelans here will get to stay and millions more are invited into the USA with this amnesty.

The bipartisan bill, sponsored by Republican Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart and Democrat Rep. Darren Soto, passed by a vote of 272-158 and now heads to the U.S. Senate.

Is this what Americans want? Probably not, but politicians don’t care what the populace wants in any case.

Senate minority leader Schumer is pushing it.

“Senator McConnell must bring this legislation for a vote without delay. Any attempt to block this legislation turns a blind eye to the many Venezuelans yearning for a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Venezuela,” Chuck Schumer said.

It’s potentially millions. If Chuck is for it, they must be largely Democrats who will vote for the misery they left.


In good news, President Trump on Friday said the U.S. had reached a deal with Guatemala for the country to take in more asylum-seekers from other Central American nations, The Hill reports.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan and a top Guatemalan official signed the documents in the Oval Office, with Trump looking on.

The arrangement will require migrants traveling through Guatemala to apply for asylum there before continuing on toward the United States.



  1. Guatemala has just signed a safe third country arrangement.This makes the injunction in the 9th Circus, and the case in DC, both moot.This terminates anyone who does so, immediately, from applying for asylum here in the United States as they’re required to do so in Guatemala,

  2. Another Trump Win!!!!!!!! Trump tweets……. Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!……………..have a nice august vacation Demorats !!!!!!!!

  3. I’ll take ten Venezolanos for every Mexican, twenty for every African, and thirty for every muslime.
    They hate socialism. They love Trump. They will be much better citizens than almost anybody else.

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