Ten Blockbuster Reveals about the Russia Probe to Rock Washington


There are ten pieces of information that could rock Washington after the DOJ and IG investigations are revealed, probably in September. Investigative reporter and editor for The Hill, John Solomon reviewed them in a column yesterday and discussed them on ‘Hannity’ last night.

The Ten Declassified Blockbuster Documents

Steele’s 1032s outline the Steele and FBI exchanges. They might show that the FBI gave Steele confidential information, possibly including information about the existence of Crossfire Hurricane that could have gotten back to Steele’s employers at Fusion GPS, Hillary, and the DNC.

The 53 House intel interviews show several big reveals, including information that a lawyer tied to the Democratic National Committee had Russia-related contacts at the CIA.

The Stefan Halper spy documents might show he continued to work his way up the chain to Trump’s top staff, including Peter Navarro.

October 2016 FBI email chain shows major concerns about the reliability of the dossier which they did not reveal to FISC.

Page/Papadopoulos exculpatory statements not revealed to the court could show DOJ/FBI abuse of power.

The Gang of Eight briefing materials changed the minds of Congress more than any other information about the FISA abuse and serious FBI irregularities.

Steele spreadsheet showed that 90% or more of the Steele dossier could not be proven or was just hearsay. The process of vetting the dossier was after it was presented to the court as verified.

The Steele interview indicated that the dossier information was unverified and there was a 50-50 chance it was accurate. He also exposed his hatred for Donald Trump.

Redacted sections of the third FISA renewal application might reveal that it contained both misleading information and evidence of intrusive tactics used by the U.S. government to infiltrate Trump’s orbit.

Records of allies’ assistance, which reveals the illegal outsourcing of spying on the candidate and then-president Trump, to Italy, Great Britain, and Australia. Also, the final and 4th warrant was possibly misrepresented as new info that was old, with exculpatory info omitted. That’s the one that rod Rosenstein signed.

All ten are blockbuster but John Solomon doesn’t know if all ten will be released.

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Randolph Oberlin
Randolph Oberlin
4 years ago

Call my when someone actually gets indicted. I am not holding my breath.

4 years ago

The mainstream corrupted media is beholden to their masters…together with the recently allied left of centre social media to their cause they will continue to spew their calumnious drivel unimpeded to the receptive sheeple…