Tens of Thousands Are Dying But Illegals Get Subsidized Healthcare



No Strings Attached

Investors.com reported a study several months back which revealed that at least 21,900 people on Medicaid have died waiting for treatment in states that expanded Medicaid eligibility under ObamaCare.

According to the Foundation for Government Accountability report, ObamaCare opened Medicaid up to millions of able-bodied non-poor adults. That created a surge in demand for scarce Medicaid resources, forcing the poor to wait longer for services.

That’s fairly horrific information but it is to be expected. We have known about this for more than a year.

Illegal Aliens Receive Subsidized Medicaid in California

The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) has found that by exploiting Obamacare’s expansion of the program, California has enrolled hundreds of thousands of ineligible adults in Medicaid. The American Spectator reports that it has cost the federal taxpayer over $1 billion in what is clearly massive Medicaid fraud. California officials are enrolling people here illegally in a program they are not entitled to – a subsidized program.

It has the effect of depriving the eligible poor of the services they need. It dilutes the money and the help poor Americans need.

California exploited the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in their scheme.

On the basis of a sample of the OIG results, the State agency made Medicaid payments of $628,838,417 (*Federal share) on behalf of 366,078 ineligible beneficiaries and $402,358,529 (*Federal share) on behalf of 79,055 potentially ineligible beneficiaries.

The problem doesn’t stop in California or with people here illegally.

Obamacare Premiums Will Rise Exorbitantly

Some states will see 90% increases in their premiums, according to California’s insurance marketplace.

The study blames the GOP changes for the increases, but it is important to look at the changes. First, California blames the cutting off of subsidies. Subsidies weren’t increased, but subsidies are simply covering up the cost of this program. It’s also the undesirable policy of wealth redistribution. Secondly, the study claims the government advertising and outreach [at taxpayer expense] has been cut, causing a reduction. That is definitely not true — enrollment has gone up.

In Conclusion

California is one of the biggest offenders in allowing people here illegally to obtain subsidized healthcare. People are obtaining healthcare with no strings attached, in other words, they don’t have to work. Additionally, premiums will rise exponentially. Finally, eligible Americans will continue to die.

*Federal share is ALL of it.

Featured image via Net Right Daily

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