“Terrifying” Second Dossier Ties Very Closely to Hillary Clinton


The House Intelligence Committee chaired by Devin Nunes has five more memos of “wrongdoing” in the pipeline and they are investigating five top FBI officials. There is also intense scrutiny by the committee of a second dossier, currently in the hands of the FBI. It is linked very closely with Hillary Clinton.


Axios’s Jonathan Swan reported that a Republican committee member briefed on Nunes’ investigations told him: “There are several areas of concern where federal agencies used government resources to try to create a narrative and influence the election. Some have suggested coordination with Hilary Clinton operatives, [Sydney] Blumenthal and [Cody] Shearer, to back up the false narrative.”

The congressional investigators are looking at the State Department, not only the FBI.


We also now know from intelligence documents that the FBI paid for Steele’s work and only fired him when he started leaking to the press. This man who despises Trump would have been working for the FBI post-election had he not leaked. We also know the FBI used the dossier to spy on Carter Page and the Trump inner circle. Steele was paid by Fusion GPS who were in turn paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

The second dossier, like the first, is the work of the Clintons’ closest operatives.

While the media was quick to jump on the second dossier because it echoes parts of the first dossier, they ignored the fact that it was written by Cody Shearer, the Clinton “political fixer”. He has no background in espionage and operates in the shadows.

The second Clinton operative, Sidney Blumenthal, is recognized as a nasty guy who was banned from the State Department by Barack Obama. He remained Hillary’s unofficial adviser while she was at the State Department nonetheless.

As we know from the Libya email cache, Hillary relied on Blumenthal who had financial interests in the situation.

It should also be noted that it was Blumenthal’s account that led Guccifer to Hillary’s personal server.

Reporter Sara Carter says the FBI used the second dossier as backup for the first dossier.


Sara Carter was more pointed than Mr. Swan Sunday morning on Fox & Friends.

The investigative reporter and Fox News contributor says the Democrats are terrified of the second dossier, authored by Clinton allies. Sara Carter reports:

We’re still waiting for the Inspector General’s report that is going to be coming out. That’s going to be directed at Andrew McCabe, now former director Andrew McCabe, and others. And I think they’re terrified what’s going to come out here.

Here’s what we know. There was a second dossier that was put together by a person named Cody Shearer. He is a very controversial activist, a former reporter who worked with the Clintons in the past. And the FBI was also using this second dossier as part of what they were doing to back up the other dossier by Christopher Steele, an unverified dossier. And we believe Chistopher Steele was also sending information to the State Department in bits and snippets.

But I think the most important thing here and one of the things they are going to be looking at very closely are the leaks. There were a number of leaks out unverified information by possibly senior members of the Obama administration.

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