Terrifying! Statist Dems Are Pretty Sure They Will Soon Have Texas


Texas has long been a safe Republican state in presidential elections but the Democrat strategy of bringing in blue and deep blue voters is changing the state, an Illinois Democrat says.

Rep. Cheri Bustos, Democrat from Illinois, is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chairwoman and she sees Texas as a Democrat state in 2, 4, 6 years.

“We think it’s a great place for Democrats because of the changing demographics of Texas,” Bustos told CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota today. “I think if you look at the next two, four, six years, the way Texas looks today and what it will look like will be completely different.”

Once Texas goes, it is all over for the country. Republicans will never again win a presidential election and the socialist Democrats will run amok. You have gotten a peek into what they believe in and it’s terrible.

The open borders Dems and their immigration crisis translates into a permanent [socialist] electoral majority sooner, rather than later. The legal and illegal immigrants will decide U.S. policy.

In addition to the foreigners, a lot of leftist Democrats have moved to Texas and they brought their crazy beliefs with them.

Once we lose the country to these hardcore leftist control freaks, we won’t get it back. They will continue to get more and more controlling and take more and more of our money. Just look at what is going on in California and New York or Venezuela for a real futuristic look into the fate of the USA.


“We are saying that Texas is ground zero for Democrats going into the November 2020 cycle,” continued Bustos. “In fact, you can break some news here … we are going to invest heavily in four battleground stations in Texas and so we will be in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.”

“We will be hiring Texans who are good Democrats,” she said, “… who are good democratic operatives to run the different congressional races in Texas. But, you know, last cycle it was California, we picked up seven additional seats. This cycle it will be Texas where we’re going to target six seats. We already picked up two additional democratic seats last cycle. We just think as time goes on and I’m hoping in the next two years we will see some tremendous — some tremendous success in Texas.”

If they engage in their easily-corrupted practices of ballot harvesting and online voting and misuse of absentee ballots, they will succeed. She is admitting here that they are concentrating on these immigrant areas — legal and illegal areas.

Controlling Texas is a socialist dream come true, and, make no mistake, Democrats are socialists.

The same thing is going on other Republican states like Utah, South Carolina, Florida, and so on.

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