Terror Attack at Manchester Concert, “Blood Everywhere”


There has been a suspected bombing(s) and confirmed deaths at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena, UK. The BBC is treating the explosion(s) from a possible nail bomb(s) as a terror attack. Early reports say at least 19 are dead and fifty to one hundred are reported injured so far. None of the performers were hurt. Three suspected ISIS accounts claimed responsibility.

Police deactivated one bomb.

This is an early report and information could change.

Daily Caller reported: The unknown attacker [a suicide bomber] reportedly carried a bomb in a backpack and may have set it off by the venue’s box office as attendees began to stream out of an Ariana Grande concert that night. Two explosions occurred containing nails, according to a CBS report. No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack as of the writing of this article.

One report says 10 of the dead are under 18 years of age. Small children are among the injured.

The blast appears to have occurred in a public space as the concert was ending – that hasn’t been confirmed.

The people who attend an Ariana Grande concert are kids. A lot of kids were there without parents.

People are said to have heard the blast from a mile away. One BBC reporter speaking off the cuff said he just saw 20 to 30 dead kids. Eyewitnesses say it was a real bomb and real gore.

This is one of the suspected ISIS accounts taking credit. This has not been confirmed but police are treating this as a terror attack.

You can hear the explosion in this clip.

An eyewitness describes “blood everywhere”, “bodies scattered about everywhere”.

Moments after the explosion.

A man was pulled out of a car in this next clip.

Injuries are consistent with a nail bomb.

A suspected ISIS account tweeted this.

The mayor of London did say this is how it is. Must be diverse, you know!

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