Terror Attack on Civil War Reenactors, Crickets from Media


A potential terrorist attack on a Civil War reenactment encampment was foiled days after threats were made. A pipe bomb was found and the FBI is investigating according to reports.

Police were called to the park Saturday afternoon around 4:30 p.m.  Virginia State Police determined that the object was safe and no one was hurt.

On Wednesday, a letter threatened harm to the participants and spectators. Both the threat and device were  investigated by the FBI and Frederick County Sheriff’s Department.

1st Sgt. Bob Pierce said he was told the bomb had some type of remote detonation device, however law enforcement did not confirm that officially. Pierce also said police were searching the Confederate camps, but not the Union camps.

Pierce said before the events, the participants were asked to sign a waiver in regards to threats from a school student in the days leading up to the reenactment, but that law enforcement had determined it was not a credible threat.

Some locals are reporting that young men dropped a pipe bomb into a Confederate tent and ran away. That was followed by an explosion. They believe the youth were Antifa and the threat was only against the Confederate reenactors. Other reports said a second bomb was found and neutralized.

It’s impossible to get the story straight because there is almost no reporting on it.

The reenactors have not evacuated. They are living historians and important contributors to the preservation of history.

Assisting with the investigation are Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Frederick County Fire and Rescue, Frederick County Fire Marshal’s Office, Middletown Police Department, FBI, ATF, and Virginia State Police.

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