Terror Camps Training for Jihad in the United States Have Hit Teams


The FBI and police are monitoring terrorist camps in the United States but because their group, Muslims of America, was taken off the terror watch list, they are allowed to stay. They follow a violent radical cleric in Pakistan, ali Gilani.

On the way to an interview to speak with Gilani, reporter Daniel Pearl was beheaded.

Daniel Pearl

Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl

Gilani posted on his web page that they have a hit team operating in the U.S. They run brothels, unemployment scams, drug running scams, and so on.

They are training for jihad. They have committed heinous crimes according to a recently released FBI report.

The State Department mysteriously took this group off the foreign terrorists watch list in 2001. They took them off because after 9/11 they didn’t want it to be publicly visible that they had terrorist groups operating within the U.S. who want to destroy this country. Read about it on this link.

The Muslims of America are suing the “Christian Action Network” for exposing them, according to Bare Naked Islam.

The man who wrote the book, Twilight in America, was interviewed Friday morning and mentions the hit teams training in the US:

The Virginia terror camp discussed on Fox News in 2012:

Does any media outlet besides Fox News care about our country?

MOA training

Muslims of America training for Jihad here in Hancock, NY

This is why we need our guns! We can’t allow a situation in which the criminals have guns but we don’t. Last time I called 911, it took 20 minutes for police to arrive.


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