Terror Groups Make It onto Facebook Where Conservatives Must Tread Lightly


A website named Dawn.com has studied the presence of banned Pakistan terror groups openly operating on Facebook and the results are astounding.

The activity of 41 sectarian, terrorist, anti-state organizations is accessible to every user on the social network.

The Facebook fact checkers, funded by the likes of George Soros, are too busy seeking out conservative pages for deletion or banishment to obscurity.

Forty-one of Pakistan’s 64 banned outfits are present on Facebook in the form of hundreds of pages, groups and individual user profiles, Dawn reports. Pakistan is a troubled country and we can’t say if these organizations are terrorists or not but it is odd that Facebook has no problem with them.

We checked their results and we easily found the banned organizations on Facebook.

In the United States, we have a politically correct culture has people afraid to discuss radical Islam. They are getting banned from social media for discussions.

Leftists court this, partly to get the Islamist vote, and it’s working, but at some cost. The left is unwittingly helping to encourage radicalized thinking in this country.

In this next clip, you will hear intelligent people who are anti-freedom and anti-American values. You should be concerned. They are expressing much of the same views as our radical left who currently control the Democratic Party. They think our entire military are terrorists.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, discussed the interview afterwards.

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