Terror Threat in LA Is a No-Never-Mind, Move On, Nothing to See Here


terror in LA

No one will talk about the potential domestic terror threat in Los Angeles Sunday. A man was arrested in camouflage and ammo. He said he was on his way to the Gay Pride parade.

Other reports said he had explosives, rifles and ammo as on his way to the Hollywood parade but the authorities want us to move on. Other reports listed the notice in which the FBI was informed and put on the case. He also had a fake security badge and was known to threaten people.

An update at weasel zippers says his name is James Howell and he’s gay. He could be a copycat of sorts.

gay pride parade
June is LGBT pride month for those who are wondering about the parades nationwide.

Within minutes, the LA law enforcement announced there was no connection to the Orlando attack. How is it even possible to know that? Maybe they do know but why aren’t we given more information then? Perhaps the man, who said he was waiting for a friend, was going to protect the LGBTs but it’s hard to know why he’d bring explosives.

It’s all about love, the authorities in both Orlando and LA are saying.

No, it’s not, it’s about a terror threat from radical Islamists who want to kill us because there is a worldwide jihad going on. LGBTs are in the crosshairs. They should stop worrying about pronouns, bathrooms, and annoying Christians and start worrying about the lunatic religious fanatics who want to destroy them.

These radicals follow sharia and the penalty for being LGBT is DEATH!

Facebook has more sense. They’ve set up a page people can go to in order to check if people are safe and let others know if they are safe. It’s a kind of hotline.

The lack of awareness or appropriate response is quite remarkable. We are under the rule of political correctness instead of the rule of law.



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