Terror-Tied Muslim Organization Hosts a Public School Wear a Hijab Day


The Muslim Students Association, a Muslim Brotherhood front, sponsored a wear a hijab to school, “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab” event at Vernon Hills High School in Chicago. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

Is this a cultural jihad?


The reason is always the same – to foster understanding of the Muslim faith. Public schools shouldn’t be in the business of promoting any faith. They won’t allow Christmas scenes in plays but having women walk around in degrading attire is okay?

When are they going to have the wear a yarmulke day or wear Amish clothing day?

The hijab symbolizes the inferior status of women as well as connoting their separation from the inferior non-Muslims.

The hijab is to hide the woman’s hair and much of her beauty because women are sirens, temptresses that lead the poor weak men into sin.

Women are inferior in many Muslim nations. Under sharia, they can’t inherit or inherit only a portion of what they should inherit, they can be married off without their permission, and in some locales they can be sold. There are more barbarous practices which people are undoubtedly familiar with.

The headscarf serves as a symbol for Islam and, at the same time, also represents that religion’s philosophy vis-à-vis a woman’s social position in society. It is irreconcilable with our western principles concerning a woman’s equal status in our society.

Throughout the entire history of Islam, women’s clothes have always been the expression of their subordinate position. Even today, in many countries women are being threatened with physical harm if they fail to strictly adhere to the clothing laws.

In no way is it acceptable for the headscarf to be worn in public places in a secular society if we are to be true to our principles but PC and hypocrisy abounds.

Mohammad saw the woman as an object of lust. There does not exist a greater fitna [temptation] for the man than the woman.

The hijab is the direct cause of the stigmatisation of non-Muslim women and bad (sic) Moslimas.

The hijab shows modesty according to Arabs in America. According to them, women choose to wear it to show modesty or their devotion to God and still others wear it to show their Muslim identity. Whether they choose to or not is an open question.

Female hair is considered awra (an intimate part of the body that must be covered by clothing) in much of Islam. There is no such requirement for men.

The Quran mandates hijab (literally “cover”) for both men and women.

The Quran states “tell the believing men to lower their gaze (in the presence of women), this is better for them”, and for women “tell the believing women to put their khimar over their bosoms”. The word “khimar” by all Arabic translations means “a veil worn by a women to cover her head”, and the second part of the verse, “over their bosoms” indicates women should cover their breasts in the presence of men who are not their immediate relatives.

Men must not look sensually at women – those temptresses.

Some Muslims take a relativist approach to hijab. They believe that the commandment to maintain modesty must be interpreted with regard to the surrounding society – they assimilate.

Some governments encourage and even oblige women to wear the hijab, while others have banned it in at least some public settings.

Some Muslims believe the hijab covering for women should be compulsory as part of sharia, i.e. Muslim law. Wearing the hijab was enforced by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan required women to cover not only their head but their face as well, because “the face of a woman is a source of corruption” for men not related to them.Today, covering the face by niqab is compulsory in many sacred places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Iran demands it.

Why don’t they tell them they can’t talk either? Aren’t their voices tempting?

Turkey, Tunisia, and Tajikistan  ban it in public buildings.

In 2014 the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was reported to have executed several women for not wearing the niqab with gloves.

Hamas tries to force it in place like Gaza with a good deal of success.

In 2014 the Legislative Council of Aceh, Indonesia passed Qanun Acara Jinayat (a sharia-based criminal procedures code) applying Islamic law to everyone in the province, including non-Muslims. This would compel non-Muslims to wear hijab. The bill is under national government review.

In Srinagar, India in 2001 an “acid attack on four young Muslim women … by an unknown militant outfit [was followed by] swift compliance by women of all ages on the issue of wearing the chadar (head-dress) in public.”

Islamists in other countries have been accused of attacking or threatening to attack the faces of women in an effort to intimidate them from wearing makeup or from wearing allegedly immodest dress.

This school event was allegedly to denounce stereotypes but was completely one-sided. It left out the details we have supplied here. They want the event to become an annual event. It’s an opportunity for the students to embrace the Muslim community according to the event organizers.

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  1. Well now, let’s make it fair and equal, as in all of America; have a “don’t wear your hijab day”; should be tit for tat. After all, it is their culture, not ours.

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