Terrorism in Chattanooga Came With A Warning to American Dogs


Soldiers need to be immediately armed at every military facility!!!

Last update: 20:35: The New York Times is reporting that the shooter’s father had been on a terror watch list. Other reports indicate ISIS is celebrating.

Update: 17:50: The FBI warned against speculating as to the shooters motives. CAIR issued a sympathetic statement. The president referred to the killer as a lone gunman – he’s a little tone deaf.

The next photo is from his Red Bank high school yearbook and it is painfully ironic.

high school


At the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in a shopping mall, a convertible pulled up and shot with an automatic weapon at the office for at least 45 seconds. The lone shooter then went to the Naval Reserve Center. Four Marines and the gunmen were killed. At least three were wounded, one is in critical condition, one has been released and one is stable.

The shooting started at 10:50 and a tweet went out at 10:34 allegedly. We don’t know if they were EST. We just can’t be sure of the timeline yet. [Update: the tweet came from the Pacific time zone. It didn’t come out before the slaughter. It is a real tweet.]

One Marine was shot in the leg and the others escaped.

The second attack took place about 11:30. Four Marines were killed and the shooter was killed by local law enforcement. Police chased the gunman to the second location but weren’t able to save the four Marines.

This is the alleged first tweet via Heavy:


Our “leaders” are calling it “act of domestic terrorism.” They haven’t ruled out international terrorism but are also looking into it being a criminal act.

The shooter has been identified as 24-year old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez (photo below from the Times Free Press). He was born in Kuwait. CBS reports he is a naturalized citizen who went to high school in Chattanooga. He’s a New American who is reported to have worked for the city of Chattanooga. He was a UTC engineering graduate. He was not on a watch list. The shooter might have had ties to Arizona and the Garland, Texas shooting.

The suspect’s father was appointed as an unarmed special policeman in Chattanooga. Two women were taken out of the house in handcuffs.


This photo with Jihad John was allegedly tweeted out after the shootings from the same account that tweeted the warning and which also threatened Berlin.

ISIS tweet

via inquisitr

This alleged tweet went out at 3:14:

3-14 tweet

This information is from early reports and could be inaccurate. I have questions about the alleged tweets.


  1. Ft. Hood should have spawned an immediate change – our military at home, especially at bases and recruiting stations, should have been armed.
    It never ceases to amaze me as we watch this president and his left wing lackeys, including his media lapdogs, use every excuse to put into hyper-drive his once creeping now galloping tyranny but the simplest, most common sense reactions to actual threats to our people are completely ignored.
    How long has it been now that federal agencies have known our military people at home are the direct targets of terrorism? Families have been warned to keep away from social media, to safe guard their personal information, home addresses, etc?
    ISIS, Islam, has made no bones about targeting our military men and women for death. Yet, in their ever laser focused attempts to rid America of guns and the 2nd Amendment RIGHTS our Founders, in their infinite wisdom guaranteed us, they’ll watch our military hunted down like rabid dogs and do nothing to stop it.
    I am frankly surprised Obama was so prompt in making a statement about yesterday’s heartbreaking tragedy. If you recall after the Ft. Hood shootings which saw 13 and 32 wounded, Obama had very little to say. At a fundraiser, he gave shout outs to some attendees and, dedicated much attention to proclaiming how badly we all need Obamacare and at the very end of this event almost as an after though, he made a brief statement in which he cautioned America to not “jump to conclusions” regarding the major’s motives.
    Ft. Hood: Dr. Nadal Hasan, KNOWN by SEVERAL government agencies to be radicalized and playing footsies with radical Islam, was a can kicked down the road because nobody had the cojones to address a jihadist Muslim member of the military, shouted, “Allah hu Akbar” before shooting 45 UNARMED military members. But Obama cautioned us not to pass judgment on why Hasan did it and TO THIS DAY, INSISTS on calling it, “work place violence.” Barack Hussein Obama had very little to say in way of remorse or regret for the horrific loss of life.
    Our military people are, not “among the best,” but ARE the best trained military professionals IN THE WORLD. They should be IMMEDIATELY armed…and not with unloaded firearms btw. You should know the disarming of our military people is not a new phenomenon. When those barracks in Beirut were attacked by vehicles crashing through the gates, military security guards were sporting firearms….BUT THEY WERE NOT PERMITTED TO HAVE BULLETS IN THOSE GUNS.
    One assault after another on our sovereignty, on our people, our men, women and children both civilians, military and law enforcement, on our Liberty, on our Constitution, on our very way of life and We the People are still BEGGING America to wake up.
    It really makes me wonder, just what is it going to take for the rest of America to acknowledge, the Inmates are running the Asylum?

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