Terrorist Attack on Non-Muslims in Kenya – Update


scene at the children's day event

Photo of the heartbreaking scene at the children’s day event in Nairobi

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Rich Kenyans and ex-patriots were hosting a children’s day event at an upscale Kenyan mall when about 10 gunmen threw grenades and opened fire, killing about 22.

Police are blaming terrorists.

The attack was at the Westgate mall in the affluent area of Nairobi.

Somali’s al-Shabob vowed to conduct just such an attack in 2011. An off-duty officer said he saw four male and one female attacker, identifying one as a Somali.

One witness, Elijah Kamau, who was at the mall at the time of the midday attack, said that the gunmen made a declaration that non-Muslims would be targeted.

“The gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave. They were safe, and non-Muslims would be targeted,” he said.

More than two-thirds of Kenya’s population are Christian.

People used shopping carts to wheel out the wounded children.

Footage inside the mall. Warning some graphic scenes:


Update: 09/21: At least 39 people were murdered. US citizens were among the wounded.

Update: 09/22: There are 59 dead and 175 wounded, many are missing. Many are still escaping. The terrorists who are members of Al-Shabob (alQaeda) have hostages. They are ruthless.

This was an attack on the West. They went through the mall and people who couldn’t answer questions on Islam.

Al Qaeda has international organization and communication based on the extreme ideology. The US has made many efforts to help Americans understand Muslims but there is little recognition of the dangerous ideology behind radical Islam.