Terrorist Intelligence Operations Are Forming, Gaining on the FBI


A new 9/11 commission report [linked below] describes an FBI that is falling behind in the fight against terror as terrorist networks are setting up their own advanced intelligence systems. There was an urgency expressed in this report. The changes need to happen fast.

Terrorists are also using our educational systems to hone their skills.

While the FBI has made improvements and is in good hands with Jim Comey, the bureau lags “behind marked advances in law enforcement capabilities.”

“This imbalance needs urgently to be addressed to meet growing and increasingly complex national security threats, from adaptive and increasingly tech-savvy terrorists, more brazen computer hackers and more technically capable, global cyber syndicates,” the report said.

The report said that to improve its intelligence gathering and analysis, the F.B.I. needed to have more informants. The panel examined the details of five F.B.I. counterterrorism investigations. In none of those cases did a confidential source “provide actionable intelligence to help prevent or respond to a terrorist operation,” the report said.

Barack Obama doesn’t do that. He only drones.

Director James Comey is making changes right away.

The FBI isn’t working fast enough and terrorists are gaining the upper hand.

Former chief of the FBI counterterrorism division, Terry Turchie, said on Fox News Thursday that the FBI likely contributed to the report.

“The part that bothers me the most about this report,” Turchie said, “is the idea that the bad guys, the terrorists are actually improving and evolving their techniques constantly and thus the urgency of the topics discussed here [in the report] and the worry that the FBI has to continue to work hard to stay ahead of the game.”

The Fox anchor, Brian Kilmeade, said terrorists are developing intelligence systems and “going to school on us.” [Mohammad Atta was one terrorist who went to U.S. flight schools]

“One of the biggest worries I have Brian that the terrorist organizations are starting to look like terrorist operations. They have their own intelligence components and starting to work inside the country as if they’re penetrating organizations and government agencies.

Turchie gives examples in the video, one being the subway bomber who “was an airport shuttle bus driver. Hassan was an insider. This is the way intelligence agencies work and this is the way terrorist organizations are starting to look,” he said.



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