Terrorist Plot Is Underway


Obama off to golf

Photo of Barack Obama waving from the plane. He is on his way to his birthday celebration with friends at Camp David.

A reliable source told CBS News that a major terrorist plot is underway and the team to carry it out is in place. US embassies, consulates, and airports, seaports, and rail stations are on high alert. It is a credible, specific plot, according to CBS correspondent John Miller.

There is speculation by some that Sunday was chosen as the target date because it is Barack Obama’s birthday. Next week marks the end Of Ramadan and violence often follows.

US embassies across the Middle East will be closed starting Sunday.

Yemen is a potential target. It is the home base for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, one of the most ruthless forces of al Qaeda in the world.

News media have been reporting the terrorists as affiliates of al Qaeda. There are no ‘affiliates.’ They are all the same people.

President Obama, who golfed today, is off to Camp David for some golfing and vacationing fun with friends while all this is going on.




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