Terrorist-Tied CAIR Wants Us to Stop Honoring Soldiers on Memorial Day


The U.S.- based Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR, believes our military should not be honored on Memorial Day. They are unindicted co-conspirators in The Holy Land Foundation. The UAE, among other nations, has classified them as a terrorist organization.

The San Francisco CAIR director, Zahra Billoo, tweeted that she struggles with the honoring of our soldiers every Memorial Day.

Perhaps she should go live in the country of her forefathers so she doesn’t have to struggle so.

Why do we allow this organization to exist when it’s clearly anti-American and why do we allow this massive immigration into the country from terrorist organizations? For PC? So as not to be called Islamophobics?

The term Islamophobia was invented in 1997 by the Runnymeade Trust which is a leftist UK think tank dedicated to a multi-ethnic Britain. The term is being used in the same way as white privilege and white supremacy – to hurt anyone who is not a leftist.

Billoo quoted another CAIR official, Dawud Walid, the executive-director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, as questioning whether they should honor American soldiers that died in “unjust” wars and occupations.

Her tweets and retweets are appalling. I won’t even repost them here but you can go onto Twitter yourself to check them out.

She has been tweeting that people are white supremacists, soldiers are killers, the U.S. abandons soldiers with PTSD, and she’s a big fan of the Oakland protesters/rioters.

The following is the latest tale from the left as they rewrite history. No one knows exactly who came up with the idea of Memorial Day. The extremist Muslims apparently like running with it.

More at GOP Daily DoseThe Clarion Project

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Caroline saunders
Caroline saunders
5 years ago

if she doesn’t like what we do. tell her to go home and she can honor whoever she wants. in this country we honor our fallen,our veterans and our soldiers. you don’t like it lady get the hell out of out country.