Terrorists Can Flow Into the US In Hours



All terrorists from Europe have to do is buy a plane ticket, claim it’s a “vacation”, and join up with a cell in the US.

Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who is also an Iraq war veteran, sat down for an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN who began by asking if ISIS’ latest threat to attack DC was “credible” or are “they just boasting” to which she said that after Paris we have to be “very proactive”.

She told Blitzer that her biggest concern right now is a very large loophole that allows a terrorist to travel to the US within hours without any screening.

There are no visas required to travel from France or Belgian or anywhere in Europe and all they have to do is hop on a flight.

We are not only susceptible to homegrown terrorists in our own country but we are susceptible to those of any country where we do not require a visa.

FBI Director Jim Comey has brought up this same issue.

She recommended that Europeans go through a visa process.

“So that we can thoroughly vet exactly who’s trying to come into the United States because as it is now really it could be just a matter of hours before someone travels through these different borders, someone who’s become a foreign fighter, who’s been fighting in Syria and ends up here on United States soil, presenting a potential threat.”

The Paris attackers included homegrown terrorists, two refugees, a woman and Belgians who were not all being watched by intelligence services.

Wolf Blitzer said it might slow tourism but Gabbard said the cost in human lives would be much worse.

That wouldn’t solve the problem unless something is also done about our visa program.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is introducing legislation to block visas for travelers from “countries with a high risk of terrorism” following last Friday night’s terrorists attacks in Paris.

Paul said visas should be suspended for travelers from countries such as Syria after Friday night’s attack in Paris, where a series of coordinated strikes killed 129 people across the French capital, as reported by the hill.

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