Terry McAuliffe – Do You Believe How Bad This Guy Is?


2008 Democratic National Convention: Day 2Partisan windbag, Terry McAuliffe

George Soros-backed millionaire, Terry McAuliffe knows how to fundraise and he does it well. He’s the used car salesman who stops by the broken down funeral procession to sell them an overpriced car.

He has never held public office and has no appropriate experience to be Governor unless fundraising is now the most important role of a governor.

McAuliffe is known to be perennially hyperactive. He watches action movies to wind down at bedtime. When his wife Dorothy was in labor, she ordered him out of the hospital room because he was driving her crazy.

He fundraised for Hillary Clinton and once gave her a $1.5 million loan for a house. Being a Democratic loyalist, she is dutifully campaigning for him. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and other like-minded Democrats are campaigning for McAuliffe.

Al Gore dubbed him in 2000 “The greatest fundraiser in the history of the universe,” after McAuliffe raked in a record $26.5 million in three-hours at a gala.

He is the ultimate party insider but he’s not well-liked. John Edwards and other Democrats have come out for Cuccinelli but Cuccinelli trails in the polls. He has a third party faux-Libertarian candidate taking votes away.

McAuliffe has played a careful campaign and does not let people know what he stands for while at the same time lying about what Cuccinelli stands for.

Millions of dollars are flowing into McAuliffe’s campaign chest from around the country.

McAuliffe recently bragged that 72% of his campaign contributors are Virginians. It was a lie. Campaign finance reports show nearly $4 of every $5 McAuliffe raised actually came from outside Virginia. He is greatly outpacing Cuccinelli and using the money on attack ads and flyers. In January through March, McAuliffe raised $5.1 million while Cuccinelli took in $2.4 million.

Money and negative campaigning could give McAuliffe the election and Virginia will be the poorer for it, literally – he believes in big spend and tax packages.

He is opposed to coal and will kill the Viginia coal industry, costing them money and jobs. He came out with a firm position in support of Mr. Obama’s war on coal. In 2009, when he ran for Governor, he said he ‘never wants another coal plant built.’  The Washington Post reported that he supports the EPA rules on carbon emissions.

Not for nothing, but we are under threat by foreign enemies and we should be safeguarding our coal. We may need it!

While touring Tyson’s Corner technology firm MicroTech, McAuliffe, who only reluctantly gives away his true views, avoided questions about the coal industry and the EPA rules until a reporter pressed him. When he was asked if he supported the guidelines ‘as they are written right now,’ McAuliffe said, ‘I do, you bet. What I’ve looked at, I support what we need to do to obviously protect our air and our water.’

His opponent, Ken Cuccinelli said:

‘How is it even possible that a person running to be Virginia’s chief executive would come out in support of a policy that will put our Commonwealth at a competitive disadvantage and put men and women – particularly in Southwest Virginia – out of work? As I have said repeatedly in recent months, the War on Coal is a war on Virginia’s poor and a war on competitiveness for Virginia. At a time of continued economic uncertainty, leaders in Richmond need to give our job creators and families more tools to pursue economic opportunity, not more burdens.’

McAuliffe is one of those self-involved guys who drops names and blathers on—typically reminding people how important and successful he is—with no sense of how he might sound to normal people.

He wrote a 2008 autobiography, What a Party!, in which he boasted about being a jackass on the occasions of his children’s births. (In one instance he skipped out on the delivery to attend a party for then–Washington Post gossip columnist and current Daily Beast editor-at-large Lloyd Grove; in another, he stopped – while bringing his wife home from the hospital after giving birth-  to work a fundraiser; in a third, he picked a political fight with his wife’s anesthesiologist.)

In 1997, when he was being probed by the Department of Labor and the US Attorney’s office for sweetheart deals he received, he said, “I’m honest as the day is long,” McAuliffe said in response to the accusations. “The worst thing I’ve ever gotten is a speeding ticket.”

Is that true?

McAuliffe sold $8 million worth of stock in a Bermuda-based telecom company before it went bankrupt while other investors lost $54 billion.

Nothing suspicious there!

He runs around with the elite, making deals and loads of money through mysterious investments and machinations. He is an expert at leveraging political favors through business connections, and leveraging business favors through political connections.

He founded a bank that loaned money to politicians and when the bank was discovered to be engaging in unsound business practices in 1991, he merged the bank with another and became the vice chairman of the new entity.

When his business partner and father-in-law Jack Swann’s bank was seized by the feds, he got an IBEW pension fund to buy up the bank’s $38 million in real estate holdings, receiving a 50% equity stake for $100.

During one debate, Cuccinelli said, “It’s pretty rich to have the guy who rented out the Lincoln Bedroom, sold seats on Air Force One, was an unindicted co-conspirator in a Teamsters election law money laundering case be talking about ethics now.”

McAuliffe is a businessman but he is a crony capitalist and his business is big business and venture capitalism. When asked by NTVC PAC board members about how he would accomplish his goals as governor, he said:  ‘I’m an Irish Catholic. I like to drink. It is what is. We’ll go have lunch. We’ll go have drinks. We’ll work the phones. We’ll do whatever it takes to get things done… I am not going to read every bill when I’m governor. I’m going to hire people to read them for me.’

We definitely need a drinker who won’t read the bills in the governor’s mansion – absolutely!

The women plan to come out in droves for him because they are afraid of Cuccinelli’s views as portrayed by McAuliffe. Maybe they should listen to some of the other things McAuliffe has said concerning women. McAuliffe told the late writer Marjorie Williams for a profile in Vanity Fair that his wife ‘has no idea’ how much money he has, and he implied she doesn’t need to know: ‘She’s got a great life. Listen, her credit cards are paid and all that. She knows I do very well.’

McAuliffe is an anti-Catholic Catholic.

Back in 2003, Catholic League President William Donohue condemned then-DNC Chairman Terry  McAuliffe for refusing to break his ties with anti-Catholic bigotry. Donohue said that the DNC still maintained a link on its website to a professed anti-Catholic organization, Kissling’s Catholics for a Free Choice (CCFC). McAuliffe had no remorse or any intention of disassociating from Catholic bashing according to Donohue.

As it turned out, he never did.

Kissling’s group is a hate group.

In 2004, McAuliffe announced the appointment of Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson as the Senior Advisor for Religious Outreach; she is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and she also wants the words ‘under God’ removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Donohue said at that time:

‘Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson was one of thirty-two clergy members to file an amicus curiae brief in behalf of Michael Newdow’s attempt to excise the words ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance. The brief shows infinitely more concern for the sensibilities of atheists like Newdow than it does for the 90 percent of Americans who believe in God. And this is the person the Democrats want to dispatch to meet with the heads of religious organizations? Are they out of their minds? Would they hire a gay basher to reach out to homosexuals?’

This year, film-flam man McAuliffe used Cuccinelli’s efforts to keep an anti-sodomy statute in place to make it appear as if the law was aimed at sexual orientation. The law was actually aimed at sexual monsters preying on underage children.

During the 2004 presidential election, according to Ralph Nader, McAuliffe made a deal with him. Nader had to ‘stay out of 19 states which are close between Kerry and Bush,’ and he – McAuliffe – would ‘provide resources’ to Nader in the remaining 31 states. Nader made the deal but kept it to himself until after the election.

McAuliffe is a political mercenary.

Talking Points Memo broke the story that McAuliffe’s campaign received $120,000 from a company linked to an African warlord – Liberian president Charles Taylor. The Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry donated to McAuliffe twice within the past 12 months.

What could possibly go wrong with Liberian dictators helping to choose the next governor of the great state of Virginia?

Read more about this at The Federalist where much of the information was gleaned.

McAuliffe will do anything to make money:


McAuliffe never wants another coal plant built:

McAuliffe thinks of Syracuse New York as home.. New York nanny Michael Bloomberg might feel the camaraderie over their shared New York heritage because he gave over a million dollars to McAuliffe’s campaign.

Nine of his cutest quotes can be found at Buzzfeed.

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