Testimony That Will Blow Up the Dem’s Impeachment Narrative


According to Rep. Lee Zeldin, the witness who testified last night, Mark Sandy, Schiff’s narrative about quid pro quo is completely blown up. The problem with that for Republicans is the Democrats will just move the goalposts. They went from quid pro quo to extortion to bribery. They just keep coming up with some new charges based on gossip, more politely called hearsay.


Rep. Zeldin said, “Just finished the depo of OMB staffer, Mark Sandy, in Schiff’s Capitol basement bunker. He came in to testify about why there was a hold on aid to Ukraine. His answer was very bad for Schiff’s fairy tale. This transcript needs to be released BEFORE the next public hearing on Tue!”

Rep. Mark Meadow heard on Friday night behind closed doors that there are no nefarious reasons for the hold on aid. Zelensky did nothing to get the aid. It was simply released.

Rep. Zeldin discussed it again on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.



  1. My suspicion is Shciff and his cave dwelling rodents paid the stooge to play the part of the WB. Follow the money get a FISA warrant and look into his bank accounts and other financial investments. The WB could have bought a life insurance or annuity policy etc… His name is already known and what ever so called cover he may have thought he had, ironically is blown. The president has a constitutional right to face his accuser. Either put up or shut up and stop this expensive Farce Then go after all of of them who are in on this corruption. They should be brought up on charges of of obstruction of justice, purgery, and intent to form a coup to unseat a duly elected president. A crime of Treason) We know what the penalty for that is. The rest of them can rot in a Federal prison.

  2. The closed door hearings are nothing more than auditions for Schiff so he can determine who to call to testify in public. If the witness seems to help Schiff they get called, if they seem to help the President, they are never heard form again and the transcripts of their depositions are either released in altered format or not released at all.

  3. About bribery: compromises responsibility, corrupt intent, conflict of interest, undue influence, connection official act and gift. From legal dictionary

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