Texas Killer Identified as Seth Aaron Ator


The deceased shooter who killed seven people and injured at least 20 more in West Texas Saturday has been identified as Seth Aaron Ator who lived in Ector County, Odessa.

The shooter has a criminal record. U.S. Rep. Tom Craddick told the Reporter-Telegram he had previously failed a background check.

The shooting spree began when a Texas state trooper tried to stop his Honda for failing to signal a left turn. Ator shot into the trooper’s car and wounded one.

There was no active warrant on him.

The 36-year-old continued into Odessa, Texas, and shot another person on the Interstate. In Odessa, he abandoned the Honda, hijacked a United States Postal Service truck, killed the driver, and continued to shoot people before police cornered and killed him in a short firefight in the parking lot of a Cinergy movie theater.

He used a rifle.

Seven people were killed, twenty others injured, including ten critically. Among the injured, there are three police officers: a Texas state trooper, a Midland police officer, and an Odessa police officer.

The motive is still unknown.

A search of online records for Seth Ator brings up a charge of “Criminal Trespass” from August 1, 2001, which was a Class B Misdemeanor. A second charge for evading arrest was filed the next day. The record shows that Ator issued a guilty plea in that case and received a sentence of 24 months on probation.

Heavy is looking into additional records with the Texas Department of Public Safety for more details.

Ator’s social media footprint has been erased.



  1. If his social media info was erased he was another liberal psycho .

    The info would be proudly displayed forever if he was a Trump supporter.

    • His political stance has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING. This is all planned can’t yall see that!?!? Has nothing to do with democrats or republican or any other political bull shit that y’all are talking about. The government is the ones y’all should be looking at. Not even 2 months ago there was another “shooting” in elpaso mall which the shooter drove thru west Texas to get there. Hmmm…. there now hitting Texas so that they can declare martial law! Wtf are y’all dumb and oblivious. Y’all need to start preparing vs. arguing over some political stance one of these hired hit man have!!!!!

  2. I’m only shocked you all didn’t claim he was “antifa” like you usually do. Meanwhile the real news has said he used an AR and MyLife is a scam site. You didn’t find anything about him on it, so stop lying to push your politics. It’s a shame this is the first like that pops up when people go looking for information on this new mass shooting perpetrated by yet another angry man.

    • We know it was not Antifa because Antifa creations are brave only when they have a 20 to 1 advantage and strike you in the back

    • We’ve never claimed a shooter was “antifa” without proof. The guy in Dayton, OH claimed to be Antifa. Absent contrary evidence, I’m inclined to believe him simply because that is a dumb thing to claim if you aren’t.

  3. Your and idiot if you think background checks are going to stop criminals from having guns and killing people, drugs are illegal too buddy, how is that working out?

    • Comment proven correct.
      He already failed a background check. I guess if we had a more stringent background check he would have failed it harder. But he still had a gun.

  4. More Democrats = More Crime

    Studies confirm Democrats commit nearly all crime based on convict admissions, which is why Democrats want convicts to vote.

    Ban the problem – Democrats.

    Don’t let Democrats get away with using their own crimes as an excuse to deprive our 1st and 2nd Am civil rights.

    According to his MyLife page, shooter was a Democrat supporter of Bernie Sanders.

    • He dead already. Cops popped him, as it should be. Save the taxpayers a lot of money.
      Now the leftie circus can get rolling on how to deny law-abiding citizens their 2A rights. Again.

  5. Weezer,
    The LEO’s administered a very comprehensive ‘Bonnie n Clyde’ moment to him. It’s a sure bet that he’s already frying.

  6. His name should have never been used. It defames his family, and had he lived, it would only feed his ego. These mass murders need to be treated as numbers not names. Those who commit these types of crimes and live are only looking for the notoriety, Let us not give it to them.

  7. Welp, it’s clear that he would never have started shooting anyone had he not been pulled over for a minor traffic violation (failure to use a turn signal? Nobody uses freakin’ turn signals anymore!) by a TX State Trooper. So the trooper who attempted to pull him over is responsible for this one.

    • You’re a FAB how’s that. You who knows nothing about law enforcement. You’re a dumb stupid and ignorant as a rest of the fucking morons that watch NCIS and think there’s a shred of Truth in those shows. And you’re also an obvious clintonestah lover.

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