Texas Police Put People With Driver’s Licenses Into Criminal History Database



Texas State Police are now collecting fingerprints of anyone who renews a driver’s license and putting them into a criminal history database.

If you go to their website, it seems that for a price anyone can search the database.

There seems to be a privacy concern here to say nothing of the fact that the law doesn’t allow them to do it.

Mistakes can be made. Why should innocent people have their fingerprints automatically put into a criminal database?

They didn’t bother to inform people at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) as they began taking the prints. A whistleblower leaked the information.

Current law allows DPS to take thumb prints and, at times, an index print, and they can be used in criminal investigations. However, they are taking all ten prints and putting them in a criminal history database.

The government – even state governments – can do anything they want to do it seems.  They just stretch the law if the law doesn’t work for them.

A political science professor at Texas Christian University named Donald W. Jackson, who has a new organization called the North Texas Civil Rights Project, is offering legal support for anyone who wants to test the law.

As the author of the article on Watchdog said, we should reconsider having law enforcement in charge of departments like Motor Vehicles but we are the idiots who allow the IRS to be in control our healthcare.

Source: Watchdog.org


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