Texas Politicians to Police: No Reading the Bible at Lunch and No Displaying the National Motto Either



What do you think of a politician telling you what you cannot read at lunch? How about politicians banning the National Motto?

A group of police were holding bible study for interested officers on their lunch hour in the City of Beaumont in Texas but the city manager and attorney decided to ban it because they were praying in public buildings.

The practice has been going on for two years.

It’s been reversed – maybe.

Beaumont police

After officers and their lawyer threatened to sue, the city council found religion so to speak and will allow them to study the bible on their lunch but they can’t use government equipment to invite other officers to join them or do anything.

City buildings are public and there was no legal reason for the ban, but a lot of leaders are control freaks and still others are anti-religion. Then there are the cowards who cringe when they get one nasty letter or one adverse phone call.

“There’s nothing wrong with having religious speech within these buildings,” said the police officers’  attorney Briscoe Cain. “In fact, just because they’re a public employee, this form of speech at that time is actually private speech and the government cannot censor this kind of private speech.”

The change of heart then came.

“City Manager Kyle Hayes advised me that he had reviewed applicable case law and police officers will be allowed to continue to meet in the Police Department conference room if it’s available during their lunch hour and hold bible study,” Councilman Getz told KFDM News. Getz says Hayes informed the attorney for the officers Friday afternoon.

“City equipment, such as computers, shouldn’t be used to send out emails about a matter that is private and not public,” said Getz. “But no one wants to infringe on civil liberties. We support our police and we want them to get all the prayers they can.”

Breitbart reported that cops are now allowed to have the national motto – In God We Trust – on their police vehicles and in Sheriffs’ offices.

The National Motto for crying out loud! They had to fight to be allowed to sport the National Motto!

The motto was displayer in response to recent violence against police and when one of their own was murdered.


The Freedom From Religion Foundation, sent letters to 30 police agencies in multiple states, including the police department in Childress, as reported by the Austin American Statesman. The nonprofit’s website states that it engages in the “critical work to promote nontheism and defend the constitutional separation between religion and government.”

The Childress police chief replied to the foundation’s letter by sending a letter to the group telling it to “go fly a kite,” as reported by the CBC affiliate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What do you think about the “go fly a kite” response?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is an awful organization. They aren’t keeping God out of places he doesn’t belong, they are trying to obliterate God for everyone, the Christian God that is. They’re a small conglomerate of crackpot lawyers and others who sue people into submission.

The deal to allow bible study is not a sure thing yet. The council members have to take sensitivity training.

One legal source for the officers named Briscoe Cain told Breitbart Texas before he filed the legal notice, “At a time when the lives of those who serve and protect us is under the microscope in a way we’ve never seen before, a City Manager and City Attorney have singled out our men and women in blue and demanded that they stop coming together to pray and read the Bible.” The officers’ lawyer added, “This is one of the most blatant attacks on Christianity and anti-police officer moves we have seen a city take. I’d expect something like this from California, but this is Texas.” He said, “The term ‘Pray for Police’ has taken on a new meaning.”

They are also demanding to go to the room they used before. The Police Chief is letting them use his office.

The police officers’ lawyer told Breitbart Texas, “The City hasn’t retreated – they are still imposing barriers on the officers’ inalienable rights.”

Is this ridiculous or is it just me? Do these politicians have the right to tell people what they can say and do on their own time?

The same problem exists with saying Merry Christmas. It’s a national holiday and there is nothing wrong with saying it but the totalitarian types want you to believe there is. I say it now and the youth look stunned as if I just cursed at them. I’m in New York, sigh.

What do you think of PC?


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jay meyer
jay meyer
6 years ago

I NEVER miss a day…….
Your work is OUTSTANDING……
Thank You So Much For What You Do!

American Infidel
American Infidel
6 years ago

I was reported for reading my Bible preparing for my Bible lesson on my lunch break (45 minutes). The person would regularly regal others with his sexual activities…using crude words. When my supervisor told me I had to stop, I asked her to show me in the union manual and the company’s manual where I wasn’t permitted to read my Bible…on my UNPAID lunch break…or the UNPAID 15 minute break in the afternoon. She couldn’t but told me I should quit because it offended ONE person. I worked closely with 3 others and they had no problem with me reading and taking notes.
I contacted my shop steward and all hell broke loose.
My supervisor didn’t like me from that day until I got transferred to a new position 14 years later. She kept looking for something to write me up on. Only got me once and that was because I had a blinding head ache and wasn’t concentrating and made a few clerical errors. Oh, and she was supposedly a Christian and very admired at her church.