Texas Rep. Warns Admitting Unvetted Refugees Is ‘Very Dangerous’ to America’s Security


Syrian refugee children

Potential Syrian refugees

It is as if 9/11 never happened and the next event will be far worse. We are allowing unvetted Muslim refugees from terrorist nations into the United States upon the insistence of Barack Obama and congressional Democrats while in the middle of a global jihad.

Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, has released an urgent message to Barack Obama – stop the resettlement of thousands of Syrians into the United States. We have no way to determine which ones are terrorists and which one aren’t.

The plan, he said, is “very dangerous” for America’s security. However, he is addressing the man who is releasing dangerous criminal aliens into our neighborhoods and freeing GITMO terrorists back into the Middle East to continue acts of terror after some of our soldiers lost their lives and their health to capture them.

Terrorists, including ISIS, have warned they will infiltrate the refugee ranks approved by the U.N. for transfer to the West.

In a letter sent to the president last Thursday, McCaul wrote, that he has deep concern about the administration’s announced plans to resettle 2,000 Syrian refugees this year and the 11,000 already in the pipeline to enter the U.S. in some near future.


Syrian refugees, can you find the terrorists?

“Terrorists have made known their plans to attempt to exploit refugee programs to sneak terrorists into the West and the U.S. homeland,” McCaul pointed out.

Norway recently accepted Syrian refugees and already found 10 terrorists according to Norweigan news sources.

The U.N. and leftist groups that Refugee Resettlement Watch has warned about are urging the U.S. to take 65,000 Syrians, almost all Muslim, even though we have no way of vetting them according to Rep. McCaul and our own government intelligence agencies such as the FBI.

Democrats in Congress are calling for an increase in the numbers despite the fact that the FBI director has said we can’t vet them.

Refugee Resettlement Watch blogger Ann Corcoran calls these Democrats the Jihad Caucus.

In the letter, Rep. McCaul further states, “Simply put, we cannot screen against derogatory information we do not have. My committee and I have been sounding the alarm for months. I am deeply disappointed that your Administration failed to fully respond in a timely manner to our concrete requests on this important national security issue, including our February 19, 2015, letter from the Committee.”

He wrote, “Our outstanding questions have taken on greater urgency after ISIS demonstrated its ability to infiltrate and seize refugee camps in Syria earlier last month. I respectfully request that your Administration provide Members of the Committee of Homeland Security with a classified interagency briefing on these issues and a set of written responses from the Department of State and the FBI to the initial questions in February no later than July 7, 2015.”

After the refugees enter the country, the U.S. places them throughout the nation in secret and they are then supported by tax dollars. There is no monitoring of them but Welcoming America and other leftist organizations do monitor American citizens for any sign that they are not “welcoming” the refugees. The leftist agency then comes in with trainers to re-educated the citizens and put pressure on politicians and local religious leaders and other groups.

There will be another House committee hearing on June 24th to discuss vulnerabilities under the current plan of resettlement. Actually it’s not a plan. There is no strategy. It’s just take them and worry later if they are terrorists.

In his letter, McCaul pointed out that two Iraqi refuges sent to Kentucky were arrested in 2013 for providing material support to al-Qaida.

Somali refugees have been arrested and convicted of supporting terrorist organizations – dozens of them. The U.S. attorney for Minnesota recently said that “Minnesota has a terror recruitment problem.”

Ninety-three percent of the refugees coming from Syria are Muslim. This is concerning in the middle of a global jihad in which the United States is the prime target.


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