The American Civil War in the Twenty-first Century


Eagle with Obama flag

by Gary Spina

It is no secret we are in the throes of a fight for America – a civil war as we’ve never known. What historians call the Civil War of 1861-1865 may have been a brutal, bloody affair, but it was not a real civil war, not strictly speaking, according to the definition of a civil war. The definition of a civil war has two factions vying for control of one government, one country – which is what we have now in 2014. Back in 1861, the South wanted its own separate country – The Confederate States of America. The Civil War of 1861-1865 was in fact not a civil war but rather a war of secession – “The War of Northern Aggression,” as it is still called in parts of the South. It was President Abraham Lincoln who formally labeled it a Civil War, and of course, the victor gets to write the history.

If it is no secret that, in the Twenty-first Century, we are now in the throes of America’s first real civil war, a war for control of one country called the United States of America, it is also no secret that this first real civil war is between the Left and the Right — liberals, socialists, Marxists, progressives, and corporatist on one side, and the free-market capitalists, Constitutionalist, and patriots on the other.

And it is no secret that the free-market capitalists, Constitutionalists, and patriots are losing the war. The Left has usurped both the Democrat and Republican parties and the political battle is no longer drawn along party-lines, for the established, career politicians of both parties have long ago abandoned their morality and courage and have sold their souls for power and privilege.

Well now, let’s pause a minute on whether, indeed, we are losing that war. Traditional American values are pummeled and bludgeoned daily, but is a Leftist victory really inevitable? It is no secret that elitist power-brokers – elected representatives and bureaucrats – entrenched in local, state, and federal government, the Marxists in our big labor unions, and the professors in our education system, have the Right believing that a Leftist victory is certain. And they are right about that, of course, as long as they succeed in keeping the Right convinced they cannot win.

It is a war of ideologies. The battle for the hearts and minds of the majority rages day after bitter day. And it’s discouraging when the Right sees how easily – and how completely, in many cases — the American people have been dumbed down and molded into a morally weak and needy entitlement society. Therein lies the key factor – the mass indoctrination of a nation of mindless people.

Back in the days of the American Revolution, a vast majority of the colonists were unschooled – at least in the way we think of schooling today. Back then, the people were exposed to political persuasion, demagoguery, and propaganda, but they hadn’t been dumbed down. They weren’t stupid. They were self-sufficient, hard-working, freedom-loving, God-fearing, rugged individualists who believed that man’s freedom came from God, not government – and King George and his entire Army and Navy be damned nine ways to hell and back!

Back then people understood that if something were given them by the government, it could be taken away by the government, that all political gifts came with a personal price-tag, that handouts and entitlements were traps to snare the minds of men and make subjects of citizens. Mostly, they instinctively understood the definition of a right. They knew that there were God-given rights of freedom, rights of free speech and religion, rights to a trial by a jury of their peers, and due process, and the right to keep and bear arms against a tyrannical government – but that no man had a right to anything that another man had to pay for. They understood that there was no such thing as a right to healthcare or food stamps or a minimum wage because the cost of those things had to be paid for by others whose property and wealth were confiscated by force of law. But our modern society has been indoctrinated to believe that the government has the just power to do things that would be illegal for any one individual to do – as in the forcible theft from one man to give to another deemed by the government to be entitled. That, of course, makes absolutely no sense either morally or socially, but it buys votes for those in power.

But we’ve lost the war against the Left as long as we believe we’ve lost. The philosophy of the Left is loud, but it is not deep. We need to shout louder and longer, and to rail unrelentingly against them. We need to stand our ground in our own homes and give our children the education they will not get in the government schools. We need to stand our ground and become involved in our local and state governments and in the halls of Congress. We must rail long and loud and fearlessly against a tyrannical executive branch that manufactures phony crises, and against a heavy-handed judiciary that answers to no one — rail against the Marists who disguise themselves as environmentalists and conspire to shut down American productivity — rail and raise hell in our schools, in our work-places and in our labor unions, and loudly boycott a sports and entertainment industry that undermines the fabric of our decency and the future of our children.

The Twenty-first Century has come upon us rather quickly, and we’ve been sadly silent too long. Let us raise our voices and be heard. Let us not believe for a minute that we’ve lost this insidious Civil War for America. Our enemy is our enemy. Let us give no quarter. We are at war for our freedom and our way of life. Our arsenal is insurmountable if we but use our weapons wisely — an educated populace; fearless free speech; principled, courageous candidates willing to lead, willing to run the rascals out of town; our rights to redress, recall, and impeachment; the ballot box; unwavering commitment to intellectual integrity; and finally our Bill of Rights if we ever get serious and insist on using it as it was intended – before “case law” emasculated so much of it.

Our battle is with an evil that threatens to banish God from the land and to enslave us and our children. It is a war for the future of America, the future of man and his God-given freedom – freedom to succeed or fail, to prosper or flounder according to his belief in himself and his Creator.

We may lose that war, it’s true, but it is not over yet, and there’s a lot of fight left in a lot of us everyday, ordinary people — and in many extraordinary people among us who are willing to engage the enemy. We must believe in ourselves as unique individuals, in our Constitution as ordained, and in our country as blessed and exceptional.

So, let’s bloody some noses every chance we get. And expect, too, that we’ll get our own noses bloodied sometimes. That’s all right. Win some, lose some, but get off your ass and go out there and let the Leftists know they are in a fight.



  1. Was “thinking out of the box” and typed in the browser “civil war 21st century”. Your page came up and I am glad to see others are outraged and speak frankly on the current decline in all categories in the U.S. I am afraid that since voting and certain candidates don’t always do the right moral decision, Judges are the worst, even if we civilians do the right thing by voting, does not mean that candidate, once in his/her seat will make the right decisions. The majority of well meaning folks got Obama in his seat. Dumb enough to give him two runs as President. The BOTTOM Line I am trying to say here is: We tried as voters, to do it the correct, legal and non violent way of “getting issues to pass and put politicians and judges in their seats/posts. Only to be continually lied to, sold out to some outsiders, maybe the Elected was threatened, had a change of mind, etc. Don’t know if I will be alive IF and WHEN it starts, but when our supposed leaders betray us (Obama’s the Ring Leader of Evil), and They Themselves have chosen unhealthy and unholy and OVERSTEPPED Their Authority Choices They have shoved down our throats, then it is TIME for all of us to gather as Civilans, Those that acknowledge the Original Creator First to march against our two faced Godless Government. I am sure not everyone who works for the Government is Godless or bad, nor all of the folks who got voted in. We need to Pray and march in groups and make it known to the President and US Congress we will not tolerate this demoralizing decisions Obama and the Congress are forcing on us, but does not affect them. ONCE, when the day comes when people employed by the local and federal government are commissioned to break in, destroy property, hurt or abduct people with no probable cause, and it becomes wild scale throughout the U.S., THEN maybe we “will get off our rear ends”, and take our broomsticks, pots & pans, baseball bats, golf clubs, bows & arrows and yes, guns and protect ourselves and yes again, fight back. In the meantime, Christians of all sects should Stand Up a For Jesus and Onward Christian Soldiers (Marching as to War) in marches and public gatherings, G-d Willing!

  2. Thank you, Della. I know it took a lot to write what you did. Your comments have meant much to me, truly. Truly, thank you.

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