The Art of the Steal: The Left Tries to Overturn the Election


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Amid the furor created by the Left over the maybe-hacking by Russians, remember that it’s being used as an excuse by Democrats striving to convince electors to betray the voters in their states. The so-called Hamilton Electors are all Democrats except for one Texas elector.

Friday night, Mike Farrell, one of the actors featured in a commercial encouraging Republican electors not to vote for Mr. Trump on December 19th, made it quite clear to Fox’s Tucker Carlson that he thought the choice made by over 62 million voters should be overridden by a group of electors who would make a wiser choice. If the Electoral College had that power, America would essentially be an oligarchy. Examples of other oligarchies are the old USSR, North Korea, Venezuela.

In only two days we’ll find out if these leftists have been successful.

But now we can all see, clearly as clear can be, that the Left means to harm America, and needs to be opposed like the enemy it is.

As Lincoln once warned, we should not worry so much about an enemy that’s thousands of miles away; we should worry more about the enemy within—the American Left, our secret opponent in a hundred-year war. The Left hates America so deeply, it even allies with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has put in writing that it intends to destroy America from within; and enables even more violent jihadists: WND reports: “Newly retired Department of Homeland Security agent Philip Haney discovered that a case he had developed might have prevented the San Bernardino attack if it had not been shut down by his agency and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

If the Left does succeed in the drive to sabotage our election, keep in mind what Mark Steyn, sitting in for Rush Limbaugh, said on December 7th—the day commemorating a sneak attack on America:

“It’s extremely dangerous to tell people that elections make no difference. In 2008, you lost the election, so you had ObamaCare shoved down your throat, and you had gay marriage shoved down your throat, and you had transgender bathrooms shoved down your throat; you had the War on Terror reconfigured as workplace violence shoved down your throat, because ‘you lost,’ as Obama said, ‘You lost, losers, get used to it: you lost; now get out of my way.’.…that’s what Obama said.

“This time ’round, the losers managed to win. And to tell them now: ‘Ah, but on this particular occasion it doesn’t count,’ is extremely dangerous and damaging.

“To tell free people there is no peaceful way they can change the direction of their country is deeply dangerous.”


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5 years ago

Your remark on the oligarchy is so appropriate. The Left wants a one party state, and would cheer if somehow the electoral college could be intimidated/misinformed into electing Hillary.