The Blacks Who Cry Racism While Losing A Generation of New Orleans Children

Popular 21 year old Bartender, Earl Wheeler, Murdered by Thugs in New Orleans


When a case of real racism occurs, no one will care, because the cry is misused constantly, even when there is no sign that racism is involved. I blame the political left for promoting this insanity.

That doesn’t mean racism does not exist, but the following case and so many others are not about racism.

Can we no longer speak the truth? Even if it is to save the children?

A new law in the French Quarter mandates that children 16 and younger must now obey an 8 p.m. curfew replacing the previous curfew of 11 p.m. Councilwoman Kristen Gisleson Palmer states that the goal, which she promoted, is to protect kids from violence and underage drinking. “I think it’s very reasonable,” said Palmer. The law might be expanded citywide.

If the youths are accompanied by adults or are involved in school or church activities, the curfew will not pertain.

It’s a noble effort to stop the mayhem.

Critics believe the new law is not aimed at protecting kids but to protect tourists from local kids, many of whom happen to be Black. View here: The Curfew

Why is it wrong to protect tourists and youths, some from themselves?

Popular restaurant worker, Earl Wheeler, a good man, murdered by thugs

Violence has been escalating in the French Quarter, including armed robberies, petty theft of purses and cell phones, rapes and murders. There have been numerous high profile crimes involving residents and tourists.

The murder rate in New Orleans is ten times the national average and it is primarily young black men murdering other young black men.

Two weeks into 2012, homicides are on target to reach 300 with the first homicide on New Year’s Day. There have been a rash of murders.

On Halloween night, there were five separate shooting incidents with 14 injured. One midnight shooting on Bourbon Street left one of the gunmen dead and seven bystanders injured. An hour later on Canal, teens were among those fleeing another gun battle that ended with a fatality and four injuries. View here: New Orleans Crime Rate and CNN

New Orleans purse snatching

On New Year’s Day alone, there were several violent thefts. Two included a white girl and two black youths. While there are robberies almost every day, the curfew only deals with weekends. Read more: no crime

January, 2012

While some Blacks are calling this law racist, others feel no one cares that young Black men are killing other young Black men.

The incidents are sometimes drug related, but not usually. What we have is a generation of young people solving any petty difference with murder. Where are the parents? Why is racism being falsely held up as a charge when their own children are in such trouble? Racism charges serve as a distraction and help no one.

Some Black youth rely on weekend jobs in the French Quarter, but I imagine the council could find a way to deal with that issue. If there are no tourists, there will be no jobs for them anyway.

An attorney for the civil rights organization, Louisiana Justice Institute, Tracie L. Washington, said “There is a desire not to have these Black males in the French Quarter.” She and others believe the law is racist and will lead to racial profiling.

However, the law pertains to EVERYONE. It does not say anything about “Blacks” or “Males.”

Why are youths 16 years and younger hanging around the French Quarter at night anyway? Where are their parents? We all know the French Quarter is geared towards adult entertainment.

Video from 2011 – There is a consistent & persistent increase in New Orleans crime. Murder is ten times the national average and rapes, burglaries and rapes are up.


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