The Catholics Are Awake!


I wondered about the Catholics. To me, they didn’t seem to care about the loss of religious freedom they are facing. I wondered if they cared that this president is the most radical abortionist we have ever seen in the top levels of our government.

They seemed divided, and I think they still are, with nuns saying they wanted a more liberal society, and Bishops saying the contraceptive/abortifacient mandate is unacceptable.

I thought that the Pope was the final word but Catholics have drifted away.

I think I see signs of life. I believe they are waking up to the fact that the government will only let them have religious freedom if it fits in with their mandates.

The sleeping giant is alert and I believe they will fight for their right to their religious beliefs. If they don’t, who will?

Will Sandra Fluke have the last word? Is she the voice of the future, demanding that all people, no matter what their beliefs, pay for her birth control and surgical sterilizations? Or will it be the Americans who stand up for their ideals?

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