The Coming Confrontation,  Part 2



Immigration is a subject that brings out emotional tirades from all sides. The ability to have a discussion without both sides calling each other names is almost impossible. If everyone could calm down and look at what the law says and follow the letter of the law, it would ease a great deal of contempt held by both.

Federal law – as we were told in the same-sex marriage ruling – is the law of the land. Not to be questioned – inviolate. Does this go for immigration as well? Or is it just that illegals are noisy enough and cause enough commotion that those in charge of this administration and law enforcement just let them have what they want to keep them calm? Let’s see if we can answer those questions.

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996 “proscribes any prohibition or restriction placed on local or state governments to send or receive information regarding immigration issues or any individual to or from federal immigration authorities”. The first test of this was in New York vs. United States (City of New York) in which the Court of Appeals (Second Circuit) ruled that failing to provide this information did not violate the 10th amendment. This has lead directly to the formation of sanctuary cities.

The federal government will admit that it does not know how many or where they are for certain. Two jurisdictions, the only ones the Office of Inspector General has complete numbers for still receives at least $1 million from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program.

So we have a federal government spending money on illegal alien criminals.

So just what does illegal immigration do for and to the United States. Bear in mind, this discussion is about illegal aliens and not those who choose to come her lawfully. Although lawful aliens are creating challenges to both our safety net and jobs prospects, those will be discussed at another time. For now, we want to look at the numbers of illegals and what this administration and media have done.

On liberal talk shows, the talking heads try to claim that if you want to deport illegals, you are against immigration. They will play a shell game lumping legal and illegal immigration together. This is just a distraction, by playing off those who chose to come here through the proper channels, they hope for sympathy for those who didn’t.

Crime among illegals is rampant, though liberal sympathizers like the Washington Post will claim that there is no data to support the crime rate among illegal aliens. They try to get away with this by citing local and state numbers, when in fact, the only entity that follows crime rate statistics for illegal aliens is federal law enforcement. Here are some of the federal numbers: Of 78,022 primary offense cases in 2013, 38.6% were illegal immigrant offenders. Another 17.6% were convicted of drug trafficking and 3.8% of sex abuse, 17.2% of 22,878 drug crimes were committed by illegal aliens.

In 2014, this administration released 30,558 criminal immigrants with a total of 79,059 criminal convictions, including convictions for 86 homicides, 186 kidnappings, 373 sexual assaults, 449 other sexual offenses, 1,194 battery, 1,346 domestic abuse, 13,636 DUI, 994 aggravated assaults, 56 arsons, and 31 smuggling offenses.

The Supreme Court set the precedent for this in Zadvydas vs. Davis by ruling that an illegal immigrant cannot be held indefinitely if his home country refuses to take him back. It works well for the illegal’s home country. They get rid of a criminal and refuse to take him back. He gets to further his criminal career in this country.

Our adminstraton says there is nothing we can do but release them. That is inaccurate, the ruling leaves a great deal of room for interpretation. The State Department can impose visa restrictions on countries that will not take these criminals back.

This requirement of the State Department has been ignored by our last two Secretaries of State – Clinton and Kerry.

Since the criminals were released, they have been responsible for all the crimes listed above and the one number that immigrant acolytes won’t discuss, and the media won’t cover, is that these same people are responsible for at least 250 murders, according the statistics provided by the federal government.

Are you feeling safe now?

These are the results of policies that Barack Obama put into place. Yes, the Democrats will say that not funding the “Gang of Eight” comprehensive reform is the real reason, but the “Gang of Eight” reform did not go as far as Obama did with his pen and executive orders. The blood is on his hands and those who back sanctuary cites are just as guilty.

Texas is in the forefront of the immigration battle. What are the numbers like in Texas? As a state that has been willing to provide the security that the federal government will not, the challenges are still daunting. Statistics released by the federal government show: There were 862 illegal alien sex offenders deported by Texas, 27% of which were sex offenses against children. Half of all Federal crimes were in 5 of 94 districts along the Mexican border.

This is not common knowledge because the media will not report it, and the Democrats see it as collateral damage on the way to a foolproof majority of Democratic voters. What are a few sexual offenses against minors if you can keep the border open and bring in more voters who you can bribe with benefits?

I was listening to a liberal pundit the other day who said, ”Oh, illegals aren’t any worse than anyone else.”. The numbers above belie that fact, but still Democrats will belabor the point until enough low-information voters believe it.

The murder last week in San Francisco was not the first that has been hidden from view. Edwin Ramos, a member of MS13, convicted of two violent felonies and roaming the streets of-you guessed it-San Francisco, murdered Tony, Michael, and Matthew Bologna on their way home from a family BBQ.

Yet again, because San Francisco ignores immigration policy on a federal level, ICE never even knew he was in the country. This is dereliction not only on a local level but on a federal level.

Obama claims deportations are way up, but only because the way of counting deportations changed. Those captured at the border and turned away were never counted as deportations until the Obama administration. The numbers of deportations in the interior of the country are basically non-existent, E-Verify has fallen into disuse and enforcement of immigration laws has basically been pushed aside by an administration who are looking for Democrat voters and don’t care.

Benefits for illegals include SCAAP (State Criminal Alien Assistance Program). This is taxpayer money used for such benefits as: training/education for offenders, consultants for offenders, medical and health benefits for offenders, and pre-release/entry programs for offenders.

On top of the 168,680 criminal immigrants with deportation orders that were let go, there are also 179,000 more with deportation orders pending that can’t be found.

What of businesses who hire illegals? In 2013, ICE held over 3,000 company audits, this year only 181. There is no enforcement on immigration laws in the workforce, E-Verify is basically unused and with no risk of getting caught, more and more companies are hiring illegals to save money. Southern California Edison just hired H-1B visa immigrants, a legal class of immigrant, and is forcing those whose jobs they are taking to train them.

Last summer, a surge in the influx of illegals swamped the border. This administration succeeded in busing and flying these illegals all over the country, stating that they would have to come back to court when their case came up.

Of the 77,000 sent elsewhere, only 3,000 showed up for their court cases. At the present time, and by the best numbers, because frankly, no one knows, there are about 900,000 illegals in the country awaiting deportation, 170,000 of them are convicted criminals, and they are in our communities and on our streets.

On a quiet night, in a beautiful sea side city, a young lady, Kathryn Steinle was gunned down by a illegal who had been deported five times, has a felony rap sheet of six pages, and was supposedly high on sleeping pills.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city and Francisco Sanchez knew that. He knew that when he was sent there that the officials of the city, bleeding heart liberals all, would cater to his every whim, and let him go.

Josh Earnest, Obama’s Press Secretary/puppy promptly tried to blame Republicans, but failed to mention that it was Obama who, in 2010, announced he would not sue sanctuary cities, and it was Obama who stopped a program, The “Secure Communities” program, making it easier for notification of federal authorities by local law enforcement. The reason given for ending the SCP? It was a symbol for general hostility toward the enforcement of our immigration laws,

We wouldn’t want to hurt the feeling of the poor illegal snowflakes now would we? It was replaced with a voluntary program, hence, the flourishing of sanctuary cities.

But even with the weakened law, ICE had a detainer issued for Francisco Sanchez which the officials in San Francisco chose to ignore.

San Francisco, run by a liberal oligarchy is allowed to pick and choose which federal laws it will comply with. All other sanctuary cities may do the same. This is encoded in the law according to Obama.

So now the question is, if San Francisco and these other sanctuary cities get to pick and choose which laws to follow, shouldn’t  the rest of us be able to do the same?

Until someone explains how a lovely, caring young woman was killed on Pier 14,because the City of San Francisco refused to obey the law, they have her blood on the hands. Obama does as well. Why should anyone obey the laws?

Has Obama even mentioned Kate Steinle’s death? Did he go to the funeral or even send anyone? He didn’t. She was white, and we all know who the REAL racist is.


by John Velisek USN (Ret.), Twitter:sjspecialist


Banco cartoon via Legal Insurrection