The Coming Confrontation



American culture has been under attack for a long time. Since the 1930’s and FDR’s response to the Great Depression, aggressive socialists determined that government was the only way to obtain fulfillment for all. Though as an ideology based on its ideals alone, it’s quite laudable, it is, in fact, impossible. The truth is socialism has never worked.

It remained hidden in our culture until the 1960’s when it reared its ugly head. Since that time, we have been pushed and prodded to disclaim the exceptionalism of the United States. Reaching a crescendo of blame and apologies, this administration has seen to the destruction of morals and freedom. Now, with academia, the media, and our politicians infiltrating the founding principles of our country, they look to bring about the Marxist paradise long believed by them to hold all the answers.

We now have a Democrat party that spreads half-truths, propaganda, and tells outright lies to its citizens. In our schools, our children are being turned into good little Marxists with indoctrination into such areas as lifestyle, climate change, and immigration. Together, with our media, they have slowly inculcated all aspects of our lives, both moral and political.

They further these ideas by encouraging a vast populace in this country to become dependent on government, and looking to one political party to bail them out, turning a challenging time into a hammock of irresponsibility where people can relax in Marxist splendor, while others work to pay for them.

Neither party has wanted to upset the apple cart. The American people who were going through a relative period of prosperity up until the past seven years, have now been docile and compliant. The apathy of the American people has become the blueprint for progressivism. As long as they could keep the American people quiet, and reasonably happy, there was no need to curtail the march to Marxism.

The changes have been profound in just the past six years. In 2008, according to the American Thinker website, 20% of Americans identified as liberal are in favor of government taking control and 80% self-identified as religious. Are the numbers the same now? Hard to say, but it isn’t hard to see who the most vocal part of our society is.

Then, because of skin color, we have a community organizer as President, a socialist community organizer with no experience in the vagaries of government. Barack Obama is an abuser who is content in the notion that his way is the only way and who is willing to orchestrate the community to his will by unconstitutional means.

Using the policies set by Cloward–Piven to overwhelm the economic structure of this county, and Saul Alinsky to divide the country along color, income, and sexual lines, he has succeeded in turning a great many citizens into people who are not proud of our country, who accept no moderations, and are willing to destroy what our founders envisioned and millions of Americans have worked hard to achieve – a part of the American Dream.

Even our Supreme Court has been assigned a role in the destruction of the American culture. There are parameters that the Court must abide by that have been trampled into oblivion. Ethics have been set aside for political purposes in both the Obamacare and same sex decision. States are laboratories for managed societal change and state’s rights have been circumvented for the benefit of the Federal government and those dependent on it. The non-recusal of both Ginsburg and Kagan are just the start of a judicial system that is progressive in nature and no longer follows the principled law that this country is founded on.

Traditional values and the culture of respect for others is under constant attack. This adminstration, together with some in the media, believe your children are not yours, but actually belong to the community. Didn’t Stalin and Lenin intimate the same thing?

Instead we see the destruction of social and moral compacts that have been a stabilizing force within this country. There are many areas where the progressives and some Republicans see a need to further progressivism even now.


Socialism has a sympathetic media. CNN morning anchor Chris Cuomo stated that our rights do not come from God. “That’s your faith, that’s my faith, but that’s  not our country”, Cuomo declared.

I guess Cuomo slept through school but at least he should have made it through civics class and the opening sentence  of the second paragraph of our Declaration of Independence.

It is not you and the elites in the progressive party that give us our laws, but the power of the Creator has given us the grace and mercy to rule by fair and equitable means.

There is nothing collective about social justice. It has always been elites speaking from on high, and allowing the subjects to cower in fear and obey. That will not work here Sir. The Constitution is not a living document that you are allowed to change on a whim.


Other than lying about the number of deaths in open carry areas vs gun free zones, what will the government do to gun control activists? Obama has a pen and executive order authority. He doesn’t need to confiscate our guns, at least not now. But he will make certain every gun is registered. ATF has already forced gun dealers to hand over registration documents. He is pushing legislation to take gun websites off the internet via the FTC and the FEC. Is it unconstitutional? Probably so. But that doesn’t matter to Obama. As a community organizer and dictator, the ends justifies the means.


The fascism of the “Black Lives Matter” group is there for all to see. The one aspect of this group that is most troubling is that both they and the New Black Panther Party think they can intimidate whites into meeting the demands they make. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whites will become angry over their demands and the administration’s catering to their every whim. You have some out there like the New Black Panthers calling for a racial war to kill all the “whiteys”. This administration has done nothing to relieve these tensions, and has in fact made them worse.

If “Black Lives Matter” what are they doing about the massive number of abortions of black babies? Or is it only certain black lives that matter. The killings in Baltimore after the riots, in Chicago, in New York, the gang killings in Los Angeles, those aren’t mentioned, why? Because the motive for all this is to make white people feel guilty, and cower in fear. That is not going to happen, take this as fair warning.


I shake my head and ask people what they are thinking when they defend Illegal Immigration. A five-time offender just killed a girl in San Francisco. What was he doing here? How many criminals has ICE and DHS let loose on our streets, to commit more crimes, and even legal immigration has been taken over. [The latest figure is 350,000 illegal alien criminals have been released on to our streets.]

Disneyland hired over 200 illegals, and Southern California Edison hired over 400 H1B visa immigrants who will work for less money than a citizen. The employees they replace are forced to train them.


Federalism is the foundation of this country. States rights, the political powers reserved for the U.S. state governments, are being eroded by a federal government that sees itself as a centralized dictatorship bent on imposing its rules and regulations on others, because the government knows best.


Our military has withstood a purge of loyal generals and leadership. Obama feels he owns the military and can turn it into a social experiment. What do we expect from a socialist with no respect for our country or our traditions including our military traditions. There was a time, when the United States could fight a two theatre war and maintain our military readiness. Now we have to beg other countries to help because we don’t have enough ships to take our military anywhere if a conflict should break out. Our military is in the worst shape it has been since World War II.


The 1960’s brought about a progressive indoctrination and reform on college campuses. Teacher’s unions contributed to the degradation of education. Being socialist in nature, administrations hired progressives to administer and change education and to propagandize the citizenry. Nothing has changed, we still have college professors ranting against the “white privilege” they are so fond of, but no one else can find. You can’t easily find American History classes that don’t blame America for the woes of the world, but you can learn women’s studies, gender equity, you can learn how mean “whitey” is and, best of all, how to effectively riot.

Obamacare is a lie foisted on the American people that is one short step to single payer, giving the Federal government the keys to one-sixth of our economy and the ability to play winners and losers.

The next question then is, what is next? Will we elect another progressive, or even worse, a Republican In Name Only to the presidency. We know the citizens are starting to wake up, the 2014 elections showed that. But it will take the awakening of those too lazy or willing to allow everyone to take care of them to wake up and realize where this country is headed. Those, the non-productive, those demanding benefits and comforts not deserved, will be the first to welcome socialism. Perhaps they don’t understand or perhaps they don’t care. After all, they are out burning the flag and causing the riots demanding even more.

For the record, it was true in the 60’s and it’s true now. If you think this country is so bad, if you think our flag is worth burning because of the great injustice done to you by this country, if you don’t mind my asking…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? Let’s spend the money we spend on immigration and buy you a one-way ticket to anywhere you think is better. I’ll even help you pack.

What have the progressive elites actually accomplished in this country? Other than to support a belief system that is fundamentally flawed, they are non-productive.

This will not get better on its own. We as true Patriots need to wake up and stand up to this. Each of us has something we can contribute to the betterment of our Republic.

Voting and getting others to vote helps, but it may not be enough. It will take all of us to force change. If that means getting it someone’s face, so be it. If it means no longer being shouted down and confronting the enemy in any way possible, so be it. We can no longer wait for others, especially politicians, to do our bidding.

If you know someone who is progressive or if you know someone living off the productive fruits of others, let them know it will no longer be tolerated. Let them know we will not stand by and allow the people who consider themselves elites to dictate what our society should be. Get out, get loud, confrontation may be the only way, and all of us need to be a part.

The backlash of conservative values and morals is coming, you can be a part of it, or you can be against it. But it is coming to a time when no one will be exempt from it. It is time to Stand Up America, we will tolerate this no longer.

by John C. Velisek USN (Ret.)


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Jason Upton
Jason Upton
7 years ago

Was feeling really bad about the condition of AMERICA.
I am so happy I read this.
It renewed me sense of hope for AMERICA.

7 years ago

Soros owns the voting machine.

7 years ago

Nothin’s gunna happen. No one’s guoing to do a dang thing. No one. Nobody. The time to save the Country. Has already passed. As in B E F O R E … it is destroyed. Not after. Sawry. It IS too late.

Any anger present, will be misplaced/mispsent/misdirected. Confrontations, will be over scraps of stale, spoiled, moldy discarded food.

It s bunker time people. The Country now mere dust … in the wind. And the truckload of Conswervo tracts and tomes, in release and soon to be? Pissin’ in the wind.

It’s bean, bottles (water), bullion (gold), and boolits now. All else is magic fairy dust. And if you’re in possession of a hook nose (like me)? Likely, your thoughts weigh heavy (too heavy to bear). In consideration of tossing all manner of one’s earthly possessions, overboard. And making my way, to the Negev.

It’s just so f*cking sad. It WAS such a great Country. It was glorious beyond measure. And now, it is over.

7 years ago

I fear that voting and the time for getting verbal are long past. Our fiscal future is sealed at 18+ Trillion in debt and 200Trillion unfunded welfare state liabilities. When the US Dollar gets downgraded as a reserve currency or when it outright collapses, and the EBT card buys only a few days worth of food for the month, America will become a very rough and tumble place to live. I hope I am proven wrong, but history is pointing in this direction!

7 years ago

Another excellent post outlining the degradation of our values, heritage and country.

So this author’s solution is…? Let REgressives know you’re pissed. Soo-per. Like that’s gonna make a bit of fucking difference.

Real change is only going to come one way and we all know it ain’t going to be another election.

Unless it’s Cruz or Trump and it’ll still be close. You can bet your last donut that all the forces of evil-the left dominated media, REgressives, Republican elites like the Chamber/Commerce, RINOs in Congress, the homos…-will coalesce to smear either of them should they look like they’re winning(like now with Trump).