The Consequences of Sequestration



Sequestration is the employment of automatic, across-the-board spending cuts in the face of annual budget deficits. The Department of Defense will take the biggest hit under sequester.

According to Bob Woodward, who conducted exclusive interviews with key players in the White House for his book, The Price of Politics, the idea for sequestration came from the White House.

Mitch McConnell said that President Obama insisted the sequester be put into the spending deal.

We have not had a budget in 1385 days, just spending packages.

The more than $46 billion in automatic budget cuts scheduled to hit the Pentagon over the next seven months will allegedly have “devastating effects” on the military’s ability to prepare for future and current conflicts. As Senator Angus King said,  “This is a totally self-imposed disaster that we don’t have to do.”

This administration takes us from one invented crisis to another, something that has never occurred in the history of our nation.

The impact of sequestration on defense:

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