The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results


“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.” – Sir Winston Churchill

“They dress the wound of my people lightly. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.” – Jeremiah 6:14

“Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the Jews people who would punish them for their corruption .The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them, even though they exaggerated this issue he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah Willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.”– Sheik Yusef Al-Qaradawi, Spiritual leader on the Muslim Brotherhood in a sermon on al-Jazeera, January 28 2009

“If They want a holy war, we will give them a holy war.”– Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.


This week’s winning entry was Three Funerals.. And The End of The Beginning by Joshuapundit. Three Israeli teens who were kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by Hamas were buried this week and I had a few things to say about it. Here’s a slice:

Today, three young Jewish boys were laid to rest.The bodies of Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Frenkel, also 16 (HY”D)were buried in Modi’in in a ceremony that was attended by thousands of Israelis in what became a day of national mourning.


The bodies of the three boys, kidnapped by Hamas operatives on June 12 were found in a shallow grave near the Arab village of Halhul, just north of Hebron. According to Israeli forensic experts, they were murdered in cold blood shortly after they were kidnapped and buried hastily as their kidnappers fled. But not too hastily. As one of my sources on the scene let me know yesterday,the killers took the time first before they shoved the corpses into the hole to mutilate the boys’ bodies in classic Arab fashion.Israel’s Channel Two described the condition of the bodies as ‘harrowing’.

This was meant to send a message to the Israelis. So was the attack on the clearly marked ambulance carrying the murdered boys’ bodies to Israel to be buried, and the widespread instances of celebration of the ‘victory’ by Arabs living under the Palestinian Authority. and even in Israel itself.

Nor are children left untouched by this poison.They’re being indoctrinated as the next generation of murderers in the name of Allah.

The message, of course, is the same one the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians have been sending ever since Yasser Arafat invented them. To them, or at least to the majority, this is a tribal war to the knife, no holds barred and none of the niceties of civilized behavior apply. They want the Jews ethnically cleansed by whatever means necessary. There is no desire for peace or real negotiation, no farcical ‘two state solution’ so beloved of the West and what remains of the Israeli Left. And that message is being sent out every day by Hamas, who are at least more honest about the matter and Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah, on whose official Facebook page the image immediately above this paragraph appeared.

After these murders, the message finally may be beginning to sink in with most Israelis, especially given the response from the West. After all, the Palestinians are whom they are, and their brutality is to be expected.But the civilized nations of the West?
The Israelis can’t have failed to notice that for all the pro-forma condemnations from the US, the UN and the EU, the underlying message is ‘so sad your children got murdered, but you ought to be used to that by now. We’re still going to continue funding the new Fatah-Hamas government because they’re one big happy family now, so the important thing for Israel is to exercise is restraint. Suck it up.’

To be totally honest about the matter, it is difficult for me to express adequately the way that message makes me feel…that the American government now funds and supports a genocidal group that would celebrate my murder or the murder of my loved ones just as enthusiastically as they’re celebrating the murder of those three boys. Three unarmed boys murdered in cold blood, whom Wafa, the PA owned news service referred to as ‘three soldiers’. I admit that I still haven’t sorted out my feelings on that one, but my thoughts are far from pleasant.

President Barack Hussein Obama, the leader of the country that is supposed to be Israel’s strongest ally had nothing to say at all about the matter for three weeks, and finally released a statement pretty much along these same lines once the bodies were found, perhaps because someone in the State Department reminded him it might be a good idea to say something. In contrast, that supposed cold fish, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, made several calls to Israeli PM Netanyahu and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman over the newly installed Jerusalem-Moscow secure hotline during the crisis, and took the time and trouble after the bodies were found to compose a hand written letter to Netanyahu, asking him to express Putin’s personal condolences to the boys’ families.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Sultan Knish Our Consensus Rulers submitted by The Independent Sentinel.

In this piece, the Sultan examines the reality of what ‘consensus’ actually is as practiced by our elites. Do read it.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

   *First place with 5 2/3 votes!Three Funerals.. And The End of The Beginning

   Second place *t* with 1 2/3 votes The Right PlanetGut Check Iraq

   Second place *t* with 1 2/3 votes VA Right! – An Analysis of the US Senate Races – Who Will Win Control in November?

   Third place with 1 1/3 votes The Noisy RoomDoubling Down On Operation Choke Point

   Fourth place with 1 vote Bookworm RoomJohn Oliver manages to pack all the Left’s stupid Hobby Lobby arguments into one “comedy” shtick

   Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote Ask MarionObama Racks Up a String of Judicial Losses at Supreme Court

   Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote The Glittering EyeWhat Do You Want Judges To Do?

   Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote Rhymes With RightDoes Barack Obama Understand The Constitution?

   Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote Simply JewsPresbyterian divestment from Israel: The Dying Swan dance or a marketing gimmick?

   Fifth place *t* with 1/3 voteThe Independent SentinelWatch Out Fishermen, Obama Is Planning a Seafood Fraud Crisis

Non-Council Winners

   First place with 2 1/3 votes!Sultan Knish Our Consensus Rulers submitted by The Independent Sentinel

   Second place with 2 votesMark Steyn The Morning After submitted by The Noisy Room

   Third place with 1 2/3 votesMatt WalshIsn’t it mean and hateful to deport illegal immigrants? submitted by Joshuapundit

   Fourth place *t* with 2 votesIsi Leibler The Klinghoffer Opera and the American Jewish Establishment submitted by Simply Jews

   Fourth place *t* with 2 votes Charles C. Johnson/Got NewsCochran Campaign Manager, Staffer Busted in Illegal Vote Buying Operation submitted by Nice Deb

   Fifth place *t* with 1 voteThe Borowitz Report Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form submitted by The Glittering Eye

   Fifth place *t* with 1 voteThe Federalist Do Your Politics Require You To Oppose Bill Of Rights? That’s Not Good submitted by Rhymes with Right

   Fifth place *t* with 1 voteThe American Interest/Bilahari Kausikan A Nuclear Weapon Free World and Other Delusions submitted by The Razor

   Sixth place *t* with 2/3 voteCommentary Mr. Piketty’s Big Book of Marxiness submitted by The Right Planet

   Sixth place *t* with 2/3 voteNoah Pollock Bias Against Israel submitted by The Watcher

   Seventh place *t* with 1/3 voteJohn Podhoret/Commentary The Secret of ‘Asymmetrical Warfare’—There Are Two Actors.. submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

   Seventh place *t* with 1/3 voteDouglas Ernst Marvel’s Dan Slott stretches his bigotry muscles, tells Christians to build companies in ‘Christ-land’ submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey

Seventh place *t* with 1/3 voteThe Daily CallerLois Lerner and Fellow IRS Official Announced Targeting At 2010 Conference The Same Month Their Emails Went Missing submitted by VA Right!