The Damning IG Report to Nowhere


This is what happened yesterday. The Inspector General wrote a damning report on the treasonous Comey but called his egregious behaviors — violations.

The Deep State is alive and well. They are still obstructing justice too.

The President ordered the release of documents concerning the Russia-Trump-FISA probes but everyone is still waiting for reports months later. Dan Coats was stonewalling, but he’s gone, and now the remaining embeds hold up releases. Deep State Wray is doing the same in the FBI. Reports indicate the CIA is also uncooperative.

They are hiding the documentation that could unravel the coup and its leaders.

In the meantime, we have the report from Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice.

For the third time, that we know of here, he churned out a report listing all the errors and malfeasance of the guilty without recommending prosecution of the guilty parties.

The first report was the whitewashed Benghazi report which found no one guilty even though there was obvious mismanagement — to a criminal level. The second was the FBI bias report which listed all sorts of obvious bias and suggestions of wanting to unseat the President but Horowitz concluded there was no bias. Andrew McCabe was referred for possible indictment in that report after lying to the FBI, but that is still being looked at after a year.

Yesterday, we went through our third round with Horowitz who showed that Jim Comey violated all the rules to get the President but he never referred Comey for any type of response.

The coup continues in D.C., blue states, and in the Executive agencies where directors see their departments as separate branches of government. No one is ever held accountable. Congress is mostly comprised of mutes and coup leaders.

The case was laid out for potential treasonous behavior but nothing happened to Comey and he got to do his little dance to the sun and tree gods and talk down to the lowly ones, especially the man he sought to overthrow,  who dared call the lying leaker a lying leaker.

It does prove these agencies can’t investigate themselves.

The report was damning but no one was damned. There was no recommendation for prosecution. Comey probably knew that while we all hoped for justice.

Comey hated Trump from the start. He abused his power and used trickery to undermine the president, seriously undermine. He even passed on his private conversations with the President to the team investigating Trump-Russia collusion.

The media buffoons are out and about behaving stupidly. Take Benjamin Witte for example. He wants us to believe that leaking is okay if the leaker is on a mission he believes in. Mr. Harsanyi answered it well so I don’t have to bother. It’s baloney.

We always have FISA but don’t count on it. That’s the big one. Comey signed off on three of the four spy warrants and they were all bogus. Attorney General Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham are investigating as is the whitewasher Horowitz.

If no one goes to jail and this coup is washed over, the Deep State will win and continue to run the country without being elected to office.

We are not imaging the coup, bureaucratic rule, corrupt officials.

Barr is it and he said he can “fix it.” I believe him but won’t be shocked if I’m wrong.

Horowitz wrote in his report that Comey set a “dangerous example” for the 35,000 employees in the agency, but another ‘dangerous example’ is to prove they can get away with it.

People, including Comey and Brennan, have to go to jail for what they have done to restore faith in the system. Right now, Hillary and all her minions got away with it. Obama and his angry drones appear to be  skating.

If they get away with it and live large on the taxpayer-funded pensions, and do their little dances mocking us, then we can call it a night. We certainly aren’t a Republic.

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