The Destruction Of Capitalism, Beginning With J.P. Morgan Chase?


Recently, Stephen Lerner of SEIU was caught on tape talking to a packed crowd about the planned destruction of capitalism (Read here: The Plan to Destroy Capitalism). To paraphrase, Lerner said that they needed to focus on the vulnerable targets, namely the banks, and more specifically J.P. Morgan Chase. Lerner mused that charges such as foreclosures could provide a good basis for this attack. Read about it here: BusinessInsider Within days of the tape’s release, mobs of people shut down Chase banks throughout the country, including one right here in Hempstead, Long Island.

Today, April 6th, Newsday had an article on p.32 stating that Hempstead Village may be the first NY municipality to close its JPMorgan Chase account because of the bank’s mortgage practices. Read more here: Hempstead Dumps Chase

Listen to the original tape here: Stephen Lerner of SEIU


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