The Environmental KGB of the United States



We have been asleep at the switch for twenty years. It is time for patriotic Americans to turn off the environmental extremists. Newsday describes concerns about extreme environmentalism as paranoia. Read the following articles and see if you think the victims are suffering from paranoia.


An innocent man, targeted by competitors, became a victim of an obscure government law (The Lacey Act). He was sentenced to 8 years in jail

….How much danger does the federal government’s unprincipled, out-of-control body of criminal law pose to, say, the average American small-business person? Well, suppose you were a small-business owner, and for twelve years both U.S. Customs and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had been inspecting the shipments of seafood you were importing to sell to U.S. restaurant distributors. Suppose that for the entirety of those twelve years you had always packaged your shipments using plastic bags rather than cardboard boxes. Suppose that there is no U.S. law requiring you to use anything other than plastic…Watch video or Read here: Heritage


Mike and Chantelle Sackett are being bullied by the EPA under the Clean Water Act but they fought back. Their case is before the Supreme Court of the United States.

In 2005 Mike and Chantell Sackett purchased a vacant lot in a fully built-out portion of property along the shores of Priest Lake, in northern Idaho, with the idea of building a modest 3-bedroom home. In 2007, they started work, but were forced to stop when the EPA claimed they were filling a wetland without a permit. PLF is fighting for the Sacketts in court.


There is the similar case of Jack and Jill Barron. Jack Barron was slapped with a FELONY and had to endure federal criminal proceedings over the dispute with the EPA. He was indicted in 2009 by a federal grand jury of charges of placing fill in wetlands and an unnamed tributary on his land near Lamb Creek. [he cleared a dam with the government’s okay] He was put on immediate probation and finally acquitted after an eight-day trial in 2010.

The government has endless funds at their disposal which Mr. Barron does not so winning was no small feat. Mr. Barron believed he could then build his retirement home with his wife Jill. Not so, about a month after the verdict, he received a letter from the EPA reminding him he was still subject to a compliance order requiring him to restore the wetlands he disturbed.

“It was like it never happened,” Barron said of the acquittal in the criminal case.

The new order requires Barron to develop and implement a wetlands restoration plan, and provide monitoring reports to demonstrate compliance which could cost a half-million dollars which Barron does not have. Failure to comply results in outrageous fines and penalties.

Mr. Barron’s property was never a wetlands. His problem began when the government told him he could clear a dam which he did. The overflow made it seem as if it were a wetland, thus the charges and continued harassment. In the end, the government bankrupted the Barrons. Watch the next video or Read here: Daily Bee

Start at 7:57 to 10:42 –

Then there is the scandalous case of Gibson Guitars. They had legally obtained wood and are being harangued by the government under The Lacey Act. They are basically enforcing Indian law in this country despite the fact that Gibson has India’s permission to import the wood for their fretboards. Read more or watch videos: Gibson Guitars

Use foreign labor and your problems will go away –

Interview with the CEO of Gibson Guitars begins at 0:39:50: –

Listen to an even more horrific story. Start at 2:35 – 6:-06 – don’t stop until you hear about the father and daughter imprisoned for moving dirt on their land, alleged wetland which has no water on it. Read more here and hear Victoria Khoury’s story below: Senator Rand Paul

Listen to the horrible story of Victoria Khoury and the imprisonment of two innocent people at the hands of our government for moving top soil on their property –

Then there is the case of John and Judy Dollarhite of Nixa, Mo., who have been sentenced a $90,643 fine from USDA for a “paperwork violation” after the family sold some rabbits to a local pet store.

This violation in the Animal Welfare Act was intended to prevent the abuse of animals.

Over the past few years the Dollarhites have raised and sold a few hundred rabbits as a part-time job to teach their son responsibility. Local experts praised the Dollarhites for the pristine condition they kept the rabbits in on their three-acre lot where their home sits.(Rand Paul’s site). Some of Judy Dollarhite’s testimony in the video below:

California is under siege, particularly Siskiyou County. Read here: 10,000 jobs and half our fruits and vegetables

This is long – you can scan it – it is wonderful to see the Sheriffs standing up for the Constitution, which is under siege.

Kirk MacKenzie is the founder of Defend Rural America

I will let his words speak for him with his message, Rural America is Under Attack: –

All is not well with the backbone of our prosperity.

The truth is disturbing

The nation’s rural communities are under attack from every direction: agency abuses and threats; regulatory excesses; private property and water grabs; soaring costs, fees, penalties, and taxes; ceaseless lawsuits; predatory animal reintroductions; and more.

The public has been mislead

Few are aware this war is going on, so complete is the media blackout. Worse yet, the public increasingly votes adverse to rural interests, largely as the result of grossly false mis-information promoted by media and the educational system.

Rural America is ill-prepared to defend itself

Rural communities are typically small with small populations, modest incomes, little money, very limited government resources, and few attorneys. They work hard and don’t have much time to study the issues or go to meetings. They are busy trying to produce the things that sustain the rest of the nation. Crops and cattle, for example, don’t go home at 5:00 P.M. or take time off on weekends or holidays. Farmers and ranchers are on call 24/7/365 and don’t know what a 9-5 job is. They can’t just jump in the car to head off for a weekend or holiday getaway. These are labors of love.

Rural America is our forgotten & overlooked national treasure

Rural America provides our water, grows our food, harvests the timber and gravel needed to build our homes and cities, mines the ore that produces our steel, and acts as the true steward of our national resources. We’ve had it good for so long we take it for granted. We cannot continue to do so any longer.

If they lose, you lose

Their fight is our fight.

Urban and Suburban America will be affected by the outcome of this silent and largely unknown war.

Most of our industries, technologies, blue collar jobs, and increasingly white collar jobs have already been exported. If Big Government and Big Money succeed in their assault on Rural America, our nation – once the breadbasket of the world – will be dependent upon other countries for its very sustenance, our debts will grow, our prosperity will decline, our sovereignty will be lost, and we will be subject to the dictates of our suppliers and bondholders.

We all need to Defend Rural America

The defense of Rural America is a matter of national security and sovereignty.

Defend Rural America has engaged in this battle. Hopefully, you will too. Here, you will find an overview of the various fronts in this war, and links to other people and resources for further information.

A good place to start your re-education is with The Battle To Save Siskiyou County. Take a look at this link. The battle goes far beyond the smelt. People are being frightened, harassed, and put into financial difficulties because the government that is supposed to protect them and work for them now controls them and the government in turn is controlled by extremists in the environmental movement.


Farmageddon – organic farmers are being harassed and worse by the government agencies. Organic farmers are not allowed to use the word “organic” since the government now claims the word “organic” belongs solely to the government.

More control freakism over organic farmers –


Worse yet, the EPA is shutting down farms –

Virginia’s eminent domain laws allow government and utilities to take private property for the greater good of the community. [the SCOTUS has allowed every state to do the same]. Virginia Farm Bureau is working to ensure that process is fair for everyone. More at

Illinois manufacturing is being shut down by the EPA. One employee at this family-owned small business spends half of his working hours dealing with EPA regulations. Nationally, Americans spent more than 8.8 billion hours filling out government paperwork — an increase of 19% in the last decade — according to the Office of Management and Budget.

The USDA is unaffordable –

California man loses property to Eminent Domain at a great loss –

On Long Island, we are governed by cronyism. For example, Keyspan gave 400 acres (partial waterfront) in Jamesport to New York State for favorable consideration to build gas turbines in Melville. Read here: open spaces. For those on Long Island who watch our bankrupt government proceed with the purchase of more land for “open spaces” and who listen to the plan to criminalize the growing of bamboo on one’s own property, rethink Newsday’s characterization of us as paranoid.

Veterans’ Land is being annexed throughout the country by corrupt politicians and greedy businesses. Help our Veterans in their fight against this Grand Land Theft!


Feingold’s Senate bill 787 was never passed, however, President Obama passed Executive Order 13547 – check it out. What the Congress doesn’t pass comes into effect via agencies and EO’s. For that reason, I included this video. Much of what the speaker details is coming about via EO 13547.

The Clean Water Heist –

The Mississippi Gopher frog might one day put you in jail (Read here: Mississippi Gopher Frog) –

Hatteras land being stolen – Stealing Hatteras

The Wildlands Project, the most dangerous land grab to date –

Read more: Fishermen being locked out of Biscayne Park

Read about the Amish farmer who had to close down his farm for selling raw milk. He was continually harassed by the government.

More reading: Heritage

For information purposes, the word “sustainability” is now a euphemism for extreme environmentalism. We have been oblivious to the reality of what is going on around us and we have allowed extremists to run amok. We were once a nation of laws but we now have a President who picks and chooses the laws he will follow in this country but seems very concerned about enforcing the laws of other governments.